2014-2015 Holy Cross Women's Track & Field Top Performances

Holy Cross Athletics
Event Season Athlete Year Time/Mark Date
55m Indoor Tabin, Brianna SR-4 7.11 1/17/2015
60m Indoor Tabin, Brianna SR-4 7.44 1/23/2015
100m Outdoor Tabin, Brianna SR-4 11.86 4/18/2015
200m Outdoor Tabin, Brianna SR-4 24.62 5/9/2015
200m Indoor Tabin, Brianna SR-4 24.76 2/28/2015
400m Outdoor Shubrick, Payton SR-4 58.48 4/18/2015
400m Indoor Shubrick, Payton SR-4 58.53 2/7/2015
500m Indoor Dietter, Meghan FR-1 1:18.09 2/22/2015
800m Outdoor Gildea, Catherine JR-3 2:11.74 5/9/2015
800m Indoor Matherne, Zoe FR-1 2:13.43 2/14/2015
1,000m Indoor Carley, Caroline JR-3 2:50.52 3/8/2015
1,500m Outdoor Carley, Caroline JR-3 4:30.46 5/17/2015
1 Mile Indoor Carley, Caroline JR-3 4:55.20 2/7/2015
3,000m Indoor Jeter, Hannah FR-1 10:17.49 2/7/2015
5,000m Indoor Jeter, Hannah FR-1 17:40.50 2/22/2015
10,000m Outdoor Jeter, Hannah FR-1 36:20.83 5/17/2015
55m H Indoor Hitscherich, Alanna FR-1 8.68 1/17/2015
60m H Indoor Arndt, Mackenzie SR-4 9.07 2/22/2015
100m H Outdoor Zamarra, Tori FR-1 15.37 5/9/2015
400m H Outdoor Zamarra, Tori  FR-1 1:08.89 4/18/2015
3,000m Steeple Outdoor Mitchell, Abigail SR-4 11:20.22 4/18/2015
4x100m Relay Outdoor Tabin/Romano/Bobinski/Maier   48.89 5/2/2015
4x400m Relay Outdoor Wood/Johnson/Dietter/Gildea   3:55.66 5/2/2015
4x800m Relay Outdoor Mitchell/Carley/Matherne/Gildea   8:52.33 5/2/2015
4,000m Distance Medley Indoor Sowinski/West/Gildea/Carr   12:20.08 2/22/2015
High Jump Outdoor Kimball, Jennifer SO-2 1.65m 5/9/2015
High Jump Indoor Kimball, Jennifer SO-2 1.65m 2/28/2015
Pole Vault Outdoor Parise, Alexandra SR-4 3.65m 5/2/2015
Pole Vault Indoor McGahan, Michelle SR-4 3.60m 1/10/2015
Long Jump Outdoor Hitscherich, Alanna FR-1 5.39m 4/11/2015
Long Jump Indoor Romano, Marissa SR-4 5.37m 2/22/2015
Triple Jump Outdoor Eldracher, Alexa SO-2 11.50m 4/4/2015
Triple Jump Indoor Eldracher, Alexa  SO-2 11.46m 2/28/2015
Shot Put Outdoor Dahlstrom, Sarah SR-4 12.71m 5/2/2015
Shot Put Indoor Dahlstrom, Sarah SR-4 12.16m 2/22/2015
Discus Throw Outdoor Provost, Elizabeth  JR-3 37.13m 4/4/2015
Hammer Throw Outdoor Provost, Elizabeth JR-3 42.12m 4/18/2015
Weight Throw Indoor Provost, Elizabeth JR-3 14.21m 2/22/2015
Javelin Outdoor Kimball, Jennifer SO-2 38.78m 4/18/2015
Indoor Pentathlon Indoor Dahlstrom, Sarah SR-4 3,401 2/22/2015
Heptathlon Outdoor Dahlstrom, Sarah SR-4 4,560 5/9/2015

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