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Holy Cross Athletics   02-20-2017

Follow the Holy Cross softball team as the student-athletes tell their stories and share experiences throughout the year. Check back each week to catch the most recent updates about the team!

WEEK 11 (Apr. 23-30) | By: Junior Katy Watson

This was an awesome week for the Crusaders! We came off the weekend with a lot of excitement about our series win versus Colgate and the week ahead of us. We spent the week studying hard and picking classes and housing for next fall. Our wins versus Colgate had us very excited about our next midweek game versus Siena. Unfortunately, some rainy weather got in the way of us playing and we got to do one of our favorite team activities: tarping. Despite the weather, we did get to enjoy a few days of practice out on our home turf preparing for Bucknell! 

We came out on Saturday and Sunday ready to battle and we swept Bucknell! This weekend was truly a full team effort and we had so much fun playing. Sunday was also Alumni Day down at Freshman Field. We were greeted by several alumni. It was so much fun spending time with the alumni and getting to hear about what they are up to now. We finished the day with a barbeque with the alumni and our parents.  We can't wait to come back out next weekend and play Lafayette!

- Katy Watson

WEEK 10 (Apr. 17-23) | By: Junior Savannah Young

We came off Easter weekend with a day off from classes on Monday, allowing for some much needed recovery time and an opportunity to spend some more time with our families. Following the day off, we were excited to get back to practice on Tuesday and prepare for a single game against Maine on Wednesday. After we all eagerly ran down to the field from class, we went up early on Maine scoring three runs in the first inning and followed with another run in the sixth. Unfortunately, we fell to Maine in the top of the seventh inning but were left hungry to pick up some wins on the road this weekend at Colgate. On Thursday during practice we played against our coaches and won, which put us in a great mood as we left for the brand new Holy Cross retreat house. We were blown away by the breathtaking views surrounding the house and even more impressed by how immaculate and nice it was. We were so excited to hear about other opportunities we could have to return to the retreat house and to spend some time with Father Rogers. The house chef, Magda, made us a homemade Italian feast, which was delicious. We were full on chicken, eggplant parmesan, garlic bread and spaghetti when we went to the beautiful chapel at the house. Father Rogers led us through a meditation, which gave us the opportunity to relax and reflect on what we are thankful for, how we see Holy Cross softball and how our season has gone so far. We left the retreat with full hearts and stomachs and in a great mindset to leave for Colgate the next day. 

When we arrived at Colgate we were welcomed by some unexpected cold weather, which our chilly practices at the Hart Center at the Luth Athletic Complex had prepared us for. On Saturday we came out for the first game ready to battle, as we defeated Colgate 3-2! The next game was taken by Colgate but left us feeling ready and excited for another opportunity to face them again on Sunday. After the games we were greeted by Emily's two dogs who came to watch the contests. Then we ate dinner as a team at the Recovery Sports Grill next to our hotel. We left the restaurant full, tired and ready to rest up and play again on Sunday! 

We came out ready to roll on Sunday! We executed small ball, hit the ball hard and played clean defense to back up a great game pitched by Alex Held! After the game we were able to visit a small petting zoo set up at the field in honor of Colgate's Spring Weekend. On the way back to Holy Cross we stopped for some delicious ice cream to enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate our wins! We were all so happy to end the week on a high note and with our favorite treat! We're excited to come back out again this weekend against Bucknell!

 - Savannah Young

WEEK 9 (Apr. 9-16) | By: Senior Emily Krisanda

I was so excited to be handed the blog by Taylor Wahler this week! On Tuesday we fielded 30 ground balls perfectly and hit 30 line drives so we got to hit a piñata shaped like the number 30. Taylor Moss and Mandy McCarthy broke it open within a couple swings. On Wednesday, we split two games with Marist, our first game being played in the pouring rain and the second in the sunshine. Alex Held threw a complete game, pitching during the rain while, Savannah threw out two runners at second base. The next day we played Brown and we won! Mandy almost broke the scoreboard with a towering home run, and we turned a nice double play. On Friday, we had an Easter egg hunt at practice where Kylee and Burr found the two golden eggs. 

Saturday was Gabby's birthday and Youth Day at the field. We had the youth teams come out and join our huddle for game one and then formed a high five tunnel for a second team in game two. After the games, we signed autographs for the kids, who really enjoyed coming out to see us play. This week we look forward to taking on Maine and Colgate!

Happy Easter!

 - Emily Krisanda

WEEK 8 (Apr. 3-9) | By: Sophomore Taylor Wahler

This week was an eventful week for the Crusaders. We came away from the weekend with a lot of excitement from our wins over Army. Some of us celebrated on Monday by going to Kimball and enjoying the baseball opening day lunch. We ate our fill of fried dough, pretzels and corndogs, and we ended the day with one of our favorite team activities: tarping the field to protect it from the rain.

Despite battling some rainy Worcester weather, we did get to enjoy a couple of days-worth of reps on our home turf. We headed to Boston University on Saturday, ready to take on another Patriot League weekend. In true Holy Cross Softball fashion, we partook in some of our favorite pregame rituals. We cheered on teammates, who performed signature dance moves and had a good laugh. Unfortunately, we came out of the weekend having faced some tough losses, but we are ready to bounce back and take on six games this week, including our home opener! We are more than excited to finally be playing at home over Easter and can't wait take on Lehigh!

Let's go Holy Cross Softball!

 - Wahler

WEEK 7 (Mar. 26-Apr. 2) | By: Sophomore Olivia Sloane

It's Patriot League season! All year we have been waiting for this weekend, and it is finally here! From playing in North Carolina to Florida, and so many other tournaments, we knew we were ready to take on Army. After a long week of solid practices we finally headed out to West Point, N.Y., so excited and ready to play. It rained during our contest on Saturday and we lost to Army, 7-6, but we knew that we would come back and take the next two games on the following day. Sunday our hard work showed, and we came out on top in both games against Army, winning 4-2 in the first game and 5-2 in the second game! Stay tuned for when we take on Boston University!

Go Cross!

 - Olivia Sloane

WEEK 6 (Mar. 18-26) | By: Junior Taylor Moss

This week was filled with hard work, lots of laughs and not to mention more games for Holy Cross softball. In the beginning of the week, each person on the team wrote what she thought it meant to be a Crusader in our program. We have been hearing what each of us wrote, and it is truly inspiring to see that we all stand for the same ideals and values. We are 16 strong, trusting the process and giving our best effort day in and day out. 

Liv and I started off the week with a Sunday night Cool Beans study session for our Development midterm. A lot of material was learned and a lot of breaks were taken. Tuesday was a great day for the team; we played some great team competitions that have really helped us work on focusing in pressure situations, while also having fun. In addition to getting better Kylee made the team amazing cupcakes. To top it off, Mandy got accepted to a research position at Yale, so we celebrated the only way we know how: ice cream. 

On Thursday, most of us went to the Be Well Speaker Series: Mental Health and the Division I  Athlete. At a challenging part of the semester and being in the middle of season, it was great to learn how to enjoy and excel at your sport. We left really appreciating the effort that the athletic department made to bring this resource to us. Finally, we left for our games at Stony Brook Friday after taking BP in the field house.

We started the weekend off in the best way possible: with a “W.” It's nice getting a win in my home state. The best part about the win over Brown was that it was a full team effort; we met each of our process goals and worked together to get the job done. Emily Krisanda hit a home run.  We used a ton of hand warmers and had a ton of hits, an overall great combination. By the end of the weekend, we put ourselves in a great position to take on Harvard on Tuesday and head into conference games next weekend. We are feeling great as all our pieces are coming together, and we can't wait to take on the PL.

 - Taylor Moss

WEEK 5 (Mar. 12-18) | By: Junior Gabby Muniz

We returned from sunny and warm Florida to a blizzard that dropped a foot of snow on Worcester. Luckily for us, that meant a snow day where we could catch up on some homework and sleep. We returned to practice with a fire and intensity that wasn't dampened by the blanket of snow that now covers campus. Every day we worked to get better and strove for perfection. We also played some fun team competitions including knockout, shot-for-shot and a hitting competition against the coaches. The players earned a hard fought victory, so the coaches did push-ups.

Friday was St. Patrick's Day, and everyone on campus was wearing shades of green instead of the usual purple. Midterms week part two was finally over, and everyone on the team made it through with the help of a few coffee and food runs. On Saturday our games against Providence were postponed, so we practiced, got more coffee after practice and got ahead on homework. We are excited to get back on the field at Stony Brook next weekend!

Go ‘Saders!

-Gabby Muniz

WEEK 4 (Mar. 6-12) | By: Sophomore Jaclyn Brewster

Heading down to Florida, we were excited for the break from schoolwork, warm weather and playing a ton of softball. Playing tough competition, we challenged ourselves to become better and learn from every game, every at bat and every pitch. We spent a lot of quality time with each other and our families, and we ate a lot of good food. We bonded and grew as a team and know what we need to work on. We are excited to return to Worcester and are looking forward to our week of practice, eager to get better each day!

 - Jaclyn Brewster

WEEK 3 (Feb. 26-Mar. 4) | By: Sophomore Alexandra Held

We spent this week gearing up for our trip to Florida. We are so excited! We were fortunate enough to practice on our field for two days this week. Nothing like fresh air and real dirt after months of indoor practice in the Field House! Sadly, the unpredictable Massachusetts weather struck again, and temperatures dropped back to the teens by the weekend. Needless to say, we are all very excited to escape the cold and enjoy sunny Florida.

This was midterm week for most of the team. Time not spent in practice was dedicated entirely to late nights in the library and early morning coffee runs. Despite the tough academic week, Holy Cross softball definitely crushed all of our exams and essays. We had the highest women's team GPA last year!

This week we celebrated Liv's 20th and Syd's 19th birthdays. Saturday night we went to our favorite Worcester restaurant, Sweet, for some dessert. On Sunday, coach brought us donuts before morning practice to keep the celebration going.

We are so excited to go down to Florida and get some more games under our belt. We have a long week ahead of us filled with team bonding, beach days, family time, and great softball! We are taking over Goholycross on Snapchat, so make sure to follow us for live updates from the team.

Go 'Saders!

Alex Held

WEEK 2 (Feb. 19-25) | By: Junior Mandy McCarthy

After last week's promising trip to North Carolina, our team was excited to get back on the Hill to get to work. Most of our team took on a challenging academic week, but thankfully open cage times and team coffee runs were great study breaks. Our early morning wake-ups for strength training were rewarded with beautiful weather for outdoor reps later in the day. Who would've thought a New England softball team could be practicing outdoors in shorts and t-shirts in February?

Besides enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, Holy Cross softball also had some fun in picking songs for our walk-outs and warm-ups. Even though we still have ice on our field, this definitely got everyone excited for some home games. We're excited to get another week of practice in before heading down to Florida for our next series of games. 

- Mandy McCarthy

WEEK 1 (Feb. 12-19) | By: Senior Kylee Malouf

We took a trip to  North Carolina this weekend for our first games of the 2017 season. We were pretty excited to get outside and take the field, having not seen the sun in a couple months. We couldn't wait to step on the dirt again, however, Gardner-Webb ended up having an all-turf field, which was just as exciting!

All of our practices, weight training and hard work paid off, as we earned our first wins of the season. This marked the first time in 17 years that the Holy Cross softball team captured wins in its first two games of the year. We are looking forward to making adjustments and getting better each day. These games allowed us to showcase our many hours of hard work, and we were so excited to show how much we have continued to grow throughout the fall and winter. 

Our weekend consisted of some great softball, blasting music in the vans, eating great food (including lots of biscuits), sharing many laughs, pool recovery workouts with our athletic trainer Max and overall having fun!

A huge thanks to our dedicated fans who supported us in N.C., especially the "Dad Squad." Check-in again next week as we keep you updated on all things Holy Cross softball!

 - Kylee Malouf

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