Women's Rowing Training Trip Blog: Day 1

Holy Cross Athletics   03-06-2018
COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Maegan Moriarty of the women's rowing team reflects on the first day of the team's spring break training trip in Cocoa Beach. 
"Nothing compares to waking up in the morning of the team’s first row (even if it is at 6am!). The winds calmed down from yesterday and the beautiful Cocoa Beach water was glassy smooth, quite perfect for a morning of rowing. 
Due to our success in Tampa, getting back in the boat and finding rhythm was easier than anticipated. Although the row was mostly technique work, we had a few power 10s that made all of us excited for our potential over the week and our future spring season.
We hopped back into the vans and drove back to our residence, referred to affectionally as the “Comfy Inn.” Teammates recharged with naps and I read parts of a book for my favorite course, Medical Ethics. 
After rejuvenating, we completed a land circuit in the hotel parking lot pre afternoon row. A soak in the hot tub was much needed after the circuit (we did it three times). 
The afternoon treated us to intense winds—much different than the conditions we had earlier that day. The practice required considerable efforts from our coxswains and coaches alike because it was so windy we could not hear their microphones! 
We returned to the 'Comfy Inn' for dinner around 6:30pm. After dinner the team met to eat frozen yogurt at a place called “I Dream of Yogurt,” because the show “I Dream of Jeannie” was set in Cocoa Beach, Florida! If you guess the exact weight of your cup you can receive your dessert free. I humbly say that I, and my teammate Tyler, guessed the weight perfectly! It was a perfect treat and end to a lovely first day on the water in Cocoa Beach. We are all very excited for the days to come!"
-Go 'Saders-




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