Women's Rowing Training Trip Blog: Day 2

Holy Cross Athletics   03-07-2018

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Paige Cohen reflected on the second day of the women's rowing training trip in Cocoa Beach.

"Today started with a 6:00 a.m. wake up.  We were all a little groggy and sore (thanks to our 4.5 mile run yesterday) at breakfast, but coffee and food helped, and we were motivated to get to the water early to beat the wind we knew was coming later on in the day.  

Once at the course, we all jumped into our new spring break practice routine.  First, we flip the boats down off of the trailer, then we break up into groups to set up the launches and oars, and then we start our dynamic warmup.  The dynamic warmup was much needed this morning for our sore muscles!

This morning, we took out two eights. We did a few longer pieces at higher rates, starting to get us prepared for 2k races.  Both boats took some really good strokes, and it was exciting to start testing out our race speed.  

After those pieces, we were all very ready for brunch back at the hotel.  Thankfully, there was a LOT of food waiting for us - pasta, salad, sandwiches, bagels, and more.  From brunch, we all spent some time relaxing, enjoying the beach and pool. It was a beautiful day today -- warm and sunny -- perfect for an afternoon outside.  

We reconvened later in the afternoon to watch some film from the morning to help us identify our technical issues, and then headed back to the course in the vans.  We took out two eights and a 4+ this time. Since the morning was so hard, we mostly worked on technique, rowing at low rates to help us solidify technical changes. We’re especially working on catches right now, learning how to make them quick and efficient.  

Dinner was another delicious catered Italian meal, and many of us finished it off with some frozen yogurt at a local shop.  We’re all feeling tired (and maybe a little sunburned) but also happy to be back on the water and getting back into racing season.  Excited to see what progress we can make during the rest of the week!"

-Go 'Saders!-




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