Women's Rowing Training Trip Blog: Day 3

Holy Cross Athletics   03-08-2018

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Amanda McClure reflected on the third day of the women's rowing team's training trip. 

"At the ripe hour of 5:45am, the alarm rang in room 205 at the Comfy Inn on the shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida, abruptly putting an end to the peaceful slumber that me and my roommate Victoria only enjoyed for a few short hours. After a quick hotel breakfast, we were off to Kiwanis Island Park at 6:30am to row. Taking advantage of the calm morning water, we took out two eights and worked on drills and technique for a long morning practice. We honed in on the sequencing and timing of our stroke, as well as power application at the catch.

After a quick stretch, we were delivered the blowing news that we would be transporting ourselves the five miles back to the Comfy Inn via our own two exhausted feet. As our team adheres to the motto "no man left behind", Victoria and I took up the rear to make sure no one steered off the path. MYTHBUSTER: contrary to popular belief, Victoria and I did not uber back to the hotel, although the idea was certainly enticing.

After a delicious brunch, some beach and nap time, we were off to the water again. Afternoon practice was productive but grueling. We rowed out to a flat stretch of canal and did innumerable three minute pieces at high stroke rates. The coaches really pushed us to not hold back and attack each piece, and the team delivered.

We got back to the Comfy Inn and refueled with some Chinese food as a change of pace, and then enjoyed a night cap of banana boats, a Cocoa team tradition. After the final team meeting for the night, I returned back to the zen oasis that is room 205, and got some much needed Zs. #wewill"

Quinn remarked, "

-Go 'Saders!-




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