My Summer: Isabela Bagi

Holy Cross Athletics   08-17-2016

Hey everyone! My name is Isabela Bagi. I’m a senior at Holy Cross and I play ice hockey and tennis. This summer I have an internship at a pharmaceutical company in Groton, Conn. When I’m not at work I am usually playing sports or working out at the gym. Whenever I have free time I’m with friends or my dog. Can’t wait to see everyone back at school! This is "My Summer":


Two years ago I returned from a summer vacation where I didn’t play hockey once. I discovered it was extremely difficult to get back into “hockey-shape” as well as having a relatively undesirable next season. With the help of some friends I was able to play on a men’s league team the following summer. The next winter, I had an amazing season on and off the ice and that was largely due to my summer workouts.

I guess some of the guys didn’t mind me because I was asked back this summer! This is a picture of my team, Team Moose. It’s a part of the SCHL (Southern Connecticut Hockey League). The goalie is one of my best friends from high school and some of the players are people I’ve played with or against when I was growing up. We usually had games once a week at night in hockey rinks that are local around me. Sadly, we lost early on in the playoffs, but it was a major highlight of my summer to be able to play hockey with some really cool people.



I have an internship working at Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company in Groton, Conn. I work specifically for Global Science and Technology (GS&T) in the Comparative Medicine (CM) department. My group specializes in bone diseases (Arthritis, osteoporosis etc.). One of the major studies I worked on this summer was to find a suitable model for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in rats. If successful this would allow for easier and more humane testing of potential medications for this aggressive and debilitating disease. I was truly blessed to be given this opportunity because it has allowed me to use equipment, engage in several important studies and watch/help on studies that are dramatically changing the lives of people every day. Not to mention, the myriad of people that have gone out of their way to include, educate and welcome me to all of their knowledge have left me eternally grateful. 

In this picture, I am presenting my poster, along with all of the other summer students, to the colleagues at Pfizer. It was a fantastic opportunity to practice presenting in front of a knowledgeable audience. I think I learned more from some of my viewers than I had to teach them. 


The good news about tennis is that my father and my brother are both avid players. My brother, Luka, played tennis at Sacred Heart for four years and graduated in 2014. He has since received his MBA while working and now works in finance for a tech company nearby. He pushes me to excel in a way that no one else can. My brother took this picture of me when we were practicing late one night at a park near our house. Undoubtedly my form is off and could use plenty of work. My dad and my brother are both excellent coaches and the main reason I joined the tennis team at Holy Cross my sophomore year was to make them proud. I try to play with either of them as often as I can.


This last picture is definitely my favorite. This is my dog, Ikey (we got him at Ikea…no joke). Sometimes, after working in a lab all day you just need to get outside. And no one loves being outside more than my dog. My brother and I will try to take our dog on hikes so he can swim and run around as often as we can. Our town is right on the ocean so the surrounding area has a diverse environment (tidal salt marshes at the shore, wetlands and its tributaries etc.). We actually have many large land trusts because of the wild life that resides here and it’s the perfect place to take my dog.

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