My Summer: Emily Iannaconi

Holy Cross Athletics   08-30-2016

Hi Crusaders! My name is Emily Iannaconi and I am a senior member of the women's cross country and track and field teams. This summer I had the opportunity to travel to places as close as Indianapolis and as far away as London! In addition to traveling and training for the upcoming cross country season, I was a member of the summer Gateways orientation team and interned at the New York Giants training camp. Check out “My Summer!”


From June 2-5, I had the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis, Ind., for the NCAA Career in Sports Forum, which is a program hosted by the NCAA at their headquarters for student-athletes who are interested in pursuing a career in sports. Junior Maeve Westover of the women’s swimming and diving team and I had the opportunity to attend the forum together and it was so much fun being able to experience the city of Indianapolis with her! Together, we met student-athletes from all over the country and learned about their different stories. After each day of networking and listening to speakers, Maeve and I ran together around Indianapolis and explored parts of the city!


Just a few short days after returning from Indianapolis, I made my way back to Holy Cross to get ready for summer Gateways! We all arrived on campus about a week prior to the first session to prepare for the incoming class of 2020. It was fun and exciting to see some familiar faces as well as meet new people. During that first week of training, we grew very close as a team and had the opportunity to learn a lot about one another. There were some tiring days but it was all worth it when we felt ready to properly welcome the first session of first year students to HC. I led each group alongside sophomore football player Martin Dorsey and together the two of us aimed to create an environment within our group where each student felt welcomed. I feel so grateful to have been a part of the orientation team, and especially as a rising senior, I felt increasingly envious of each student I met because they still have four years left on the Hill!

The nickname for Gateways is known as “Greatways” by the Orientation team because I think that is how we all come to feel about the program: that it was a great experience.


Shortly after I returned home from HC I began to pack for my family trip to London! My dad, being the food lover he is, had dinner planned every night and the food never did disappoint. I personally loved the tea and scones every morning! After we got over the jet lag, each day was packed with different tours of the many incredible sights to see in the city. We saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and we went on the London Eye and saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!!

I was worried about being able to run in London but the city has so many parks that made for great running spots. My brother Michael and I ran each morning, casually passing the home of the Queen each lap around the park. One day, after finishing our run, we made our way over to the theatre district to see the newest Harry Potter play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! My brother is the big Harry Potter fan in the family but even I have to admit that the play was unbelievable! I still have no idea how they made the Dementors look that scary and real.


I could not make it through the many miles of summer training without having friends to run with. At home, when I'm not running with my brother, I often meet up with friends from home! We explore and find different trails to run on and the miles definitely pass quicker because of the company! Coach K recently sent out the schedule for our upcoming cross country season and I am excited for the first meet of the year at UNH. I still cannot believe that this upcoming year will be my last year of running but I hope to make all the miles count! 


When I was not doing training of my own, I was at the New York Giants training camp where I intern for a woman named Patricia Traina, who is one of the Giants beat reporters. I have interned for her at training camp for the past three years now and have learned so much from her about sports reporting and finding a good angle to a story. With Coach McAdoo now here, the Giants are a different team but exciting just the same. Their draft pick Eli Apple has been fun to watch so far and I never get tired of watching Odell Beckham make his one-handed grabs. I still find it pretty nerve wracking to be around the players but I've found that most of them are very easy and friendly to talk to. Because this was my last summer interning with Pat, I tried to soak in every aspect of camp!

I am excited to be back to the Hill. For us seniors, this is it!

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