FieldTurf Chosen For Installation At The Luth Athletic Complex

Holy Cross Athletics   04-13-2017

As part of a $95 million upgrade of the College of the Holy Cross’ Hart Center, officials targeted a major upgrade to the playing surface at the Luth Athletic Complex. Used by several of the school’s teams, the 64,000-square-foot facility will feature a new Classic HD surface with EcoMax infill.

“Our new indoor facility in the Luth Athletic Complex will be a game changer for Holy Cross,” said Nathan Pine, Director of Athletics, “The technology, durability and performance of the system will help us to best develop our student-athletes to compete at their maximum potential.”


Holy Cross’ Luth Athletic Complex gives its teams the luxury of playing through all types of weather, but it also provides the durability and performance the school’s various athletic teams need to maintain peak performance.

FieldTurf’s Classic HD is the industry-leading slit-film turf system. Each individual fiber on the field is designed to interact with other fibers to significantly reduce the amount of infill material that splashes up upon impact.

Pine said this feature, along with the Classic HD’s proven durability, were the main reasons Holy Cross chose us.

“We were impressed with the data on the durability of the Classic HD product and its reduction in infill splash,” Pine said. “With the installation of the Classic HD product in our new indoor facility, I'm confident our student-athletes, coaches and staff will all be very happy with the performance of our field for many years to come.”


Pine went on to say that the university valued an infill system that was performance-based and environmentally friendly. With these factors in mind, the EcoMax infill system gave the school the perfect balance of safety and sustainability.

Our EcoMax infill system utilizes extruded composite pellets made up of recycled turf and thermoplastic elastomer that offers the best value in terms of durability, price and performance.

“We were concerned first and foremost with student-athlete safety and felt the EcoMax infill gave us the perfect combination of the most advanced safety technology in an environmentally friendly recycled product,” Pine said.


As the Crusaders look toward the future of their athletics program, they have a certain sense of confidence and trust we believe is directly related to the quality of our fields and our team, a quality that Pine says will play an integral part in cultivating athlete performance.

“After evaluating many products, we felt FieldTurf was the best fit to meet our student-athletes' needs at Holy Cross,” Pine said. “Having worked with the team at FieldTurf on projects at other institutions in the past, I have a high level of confidence in the quality of the FieldTurf product and their incredible level of service.”

To read the full story from FieldTurf, click here.

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