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Holy Cross Athletics   09-28-2016

By Lilly Overmyer
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On Saturday, Sept. 24, the Holy Cross men’s lacrosse team participated in another successful Rodman Ride for Kids to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in honor of former Holy Cross men’s lacrosse captain John Price. Price passed away in the spring of 2000, leaving his team and the Holy Cross community too soon. While his talents on the field were impressive, his life of service and heart for volunteer work were even more admirable. Price was a religious studies major who planned to use his degree to pursue a life dedicated to human rights projects and social services for the less fortunate. When he was not playing lacrosse Price was involved with several volunteer organizations in Worcester that aided all spectrums of the community.

To honor Price’s love for working in the Worcester community the men’s lacrosse team began working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program back in 2000. Each year the team works together to raise money and awareness for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program through the Rodman Ride.

The Rodman Ride is a 25-mile bike race in Foxboro that raises money for local non-profit organizations by gift matching five percent of donations participants have raised. The event is the number one single day athletic fundraiser in the U.S. supporting at risk youth. The team has a $10,000 goal each year so that they can support the Canterbury School program where they meet with their little brothers, or “littles.” This year the team surpassed its goal and raised just under $14,000 before the amount was matched. The donations are used to enhance the facility and provide resources for the littles who attend the Canterbury School after school program.

The race is important to each of the student-athletes because of the personal connections they have developed with their “littles.” Senior Marc Buermann explained why the team has been dedicated to the program for 16 years. “Every week we go visit our ‘littles’ and get to help them with any struggles they may have in school or at home. The huge smiles that they all get when they see us walk through the doors of the Canterbury School make it all worth it. It truly is a great experience for anyone, and in the end you don’t realize how much you are actually doing for your ‘little’s’ life and how much they are doing for yours.”

Senior Liam Driscoll knows that it is important for his team to raise donations and be part of the ride. “We are a school that lives by the motto ‘Men and women for others.’ We are called to serve, particularly when it is a service opportunity that impacts the city we live in. We need to get out of our shell on the Hill, and see and serve the community, and the Rodman Ride and Big Brothers is exactly the organization that allows us as students to get out of our shell. It is crucial that we have strength in numbers for fundraising and service events like this—it is something much greater than ourselves.”

As an annual tradition, the race is a big event in the lacrosse team’s preseason. The weeks leading up to the race are filled with hard fundraising work and training for the 25 mile ride. This year Driscoll competed in his final Rodman Ride and found it especially memorable. “We loved the ride. It was competitive and fun. It was such a great atmosphere with positive spirits all around! Turning the corner and seeing all your teammates cheering for you, yelling like madmen at the finish line was a memorable scene.” Buermann added, “The water stop can get pretty rowdy cheering on the riders as they hit the halfway point.”

Freshman Connor Waldron had never been a part of the Rodman Ride, but was excited to participate in such a meaningful event. “As a member of the lacrosse team here at Holy Cross the Rodman Ride is very important,” said Waldron. Even though he is new to the program, Waldron was able to raise some of the most donations on the team because he understands the importance of the program. “From what I have been told Big Brothers is very rewarding, especially because most of the time you get paired with the same little for all four years. I expect that forming a bond with my little, and having the opportunity to positively influence him will be an amazing experience.”

It is clear that the men’s lacrosse team encourages one another to fully invest in the good cause that brings Holy Cross into the community in a meaningful way. The team is still accepting donations for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

For more information or to make a donation visit this link.

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