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Call: (508).793.2584

One Day Football Camps

Date          Description                                                                                                         Info    
June 7
1 Day Football Camp at Holy Cross (Rising Juniors & Seniors Only) ($100.00)
June 13
1 Day Football Camp at Holy Cross (Rising Juniors & Seniors Only) ($100.00)
June 24
1 Day Football Camp at Holy Cross (Rising Juniors & Seniors Only) ($100.00)
June 28
1 Day Football Camp at Holy Cross (Rising Juniors & Seniors Only) ($100.00)

Three-Day Instructional Football Camp

Date          Description                                                                                                        Info    
June 25
FOOTBALL INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP at Holy Cross            ($285.00 - $405.00) View


For boys 10-18 years of age



Day Campers (8:45 AM - 4:00 PM) 
Covers Football Instruction, Lunch Meals, Insurance, Camp Shirt and Fun. 

Commuter Campers (8:45 AM - 8:00 PM)
Covers Football Instruction, Lunch and Dinner Meals, Insurance, Camp Shirt and Fun.

Covers Housing, Football Instruction, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meals, Insurance, Camp Shirt and Fun. 



Day Campers - $285
Commuter Campers - $335
Overnight Campers - $405 



7:15 Wake Up
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Practice Session 1
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Open Swim, Weight Training, Recreation
2:00 Practice Session 2
4:00 Specialist Period
5:00 Dinner
7:00 Practice Session 3
9:00 Announcements, Free Time
10:30 Lights Out 



The basic purpose of the instructional football camp at Holy Cross is as follows:

1. An instructional camp that will feature an emphasis on techniques and the fundamentals of football
2. The improvement of physical skills: speed, quickness, agility, reactions, and proper techniques. There will be individual time spent with campers and instruction based on age and level of play.
3. Instill a competitive, winning attitude: understanding teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication and hustle. We will provide an opportunity for competition and teamwork during each practice session and plan on having each player leave camp a better football player than when he arrived.  

Camp Staff

Tom Gilmore, Head Coach Holy Cross Football

Holy Cross Football Staff and Top High School and College Coaches from all Regions 



All facilities, practice fields, varsity weight room, training room, meeting rooms, and locker rooms will be used during camp. All Campers can take advantage of the recreational facilities including the swimming pool. 


Registration/Check In/Check Out

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 must accompany each overnight camper application and $100 for each day and commuter camper appliction to insure enrollment.
- Discounts available to groups of 20 or more from one team. Please be sure to list the name of your team under "Group Discount."

Check In

All campers will check in at the Hart Center Ice Rink between 7:00 and 9:00am on Thursday, June 25th. 

 Check Out
The last practice ends at 4:00pm on Saturday, June 27th. Checkout is between 4:00-5:00pm. 


Health Care

The camp staff will include a trainer who will be on hand at all times, and a physician will be on call. Parent or Guardian MUST SIGN MEDICAL TREATMENT FORM ON APPLICATION.


Equipment/What to Bring

This is not a full contact camp, but a helmet and shoulder pads are required. Please notify your coach. Campers should also bring a mouthpiece, shorts, sweatpants, football jersey, football shoes (grass) and turf or basketball shoes.

Personal athletic equipment, basketball shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, sweat pants, swim suit, towels, soap, and any personal items needed. Overnight campers also need linens, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, fan, and alarm clock. 


Note to Parents

Participants will be supervised by staff and dormitory assistants. Attendance will be taken daily. Room inspection will occur each morning. Age and ability will be taken into consideration when forming instructional groups. Parents are invited to attend anytime. TJG camps is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Are You Eligible?

No student who is eligible for admission to a member NCAA institution or who has started classes for his senior year in high school is allowed to participate in a summer sports camp where members of an NCAA institution's coaching staff are employed. Bylaw 1-5-(d). 


Contact Us

Call: Holy Cross Football Office at (508) 793-2584
E-mail: lhenness@holycross.edu

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