Francis J. Maloney
Year of Graduation:
Year Inducted:


Maloney played both football and baseball as as Crusader, but it was on the baseball diamond that he earned his place in the Hall of Fame.   In football he made the 1916 squad as a halfback and the next season changed to center and defensive fullback.

As a sophomore, he played first base on the 1917 Crusader baseball team what  in 1917 he played 1st base on the great Crusader team that year which posted a 22-4 record and won the Eastern Intercollegiate Championship.  In 1918 he played until he enlisted in the Navy in World War I. He returned to Holy Cross in 1919 and again played first base on another Eastern Intercollegiate Championship team (22-1).  He made the All-Eastern team that season along with teammates and fellow Hall of Famers Fred Maguire and Chick Gagnon.