Holy Cross Varsity Club Hall of Fame Nomination Procedures

The Varsity Club’s selection committee meets each January to elect new members to the Holy Cross Athletic Hall of Fame. All who have a candidate in mind should submit nominations by December 31 to James A. Maloney, Secretary, Holy Cross Varsity Club, 862 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602.  Nominations may also be submitted via e-mail by clicking here.

A candidate should meet the following qualifications:

- His or her class must have been graduated five years, although the nominee need not have graduated.

- The nominee must have been outstanding in one or more sports.

- The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to Holy Cross Athletics.

A brief summary of the candidate’s qualifications is required to support each nomination. The Varsity Club reserves the right to make its own independent inquiry and requests that those placing names in nomination refrain from divulging that fact to their respective candidates.

To be considered, candidates must be nominated anew each year, even though they may have been nominated in prior years.