Core Values of Holy Cross Athletics

The Athletic Department of the College of the Holy Cross is committed to being an integral component of and participant in the Holy Cross community.  We strive for individual and team success in intercollegiate athletics.  We are guided by the core values of EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and LEADERSHIP, with confidence that these promote the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and moral development of our men and women.


We create an atmosphere that fosters the relentless pursuit of competitive achievement in a manner that recognizes the primacy of academics.

We measure achievement not only in victory at the top level attainable for each team, but also in the upholding of exemplary standards of commitment, effort, teamwork and sportsmanship.

We strive to perform at the highest levels academically and athletically, while offering opportunities for spiritual and social development.



Our unwavering integrity guides all individual, team and departmental interactions and is our foundation when making decisions.

We conduct ourselves ethically, fairly and honestly.

In our pursuit of athletic success, we adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play and follow all rules governing the conduct of intercollegiate athletics.



We are committed to the basic Jesuit tenets of mutual respect and civility.

We recognize and respect our strengths and differences as individuals.  Our communication and personal interactions reflect our deep appreciation of human dignity.

Our diversity strengthens us as teams and as a community.



We aspire to develop leaders by promoting discipline, accountability and initiative.  We encourage leadership at every level and focus attention and resources on the development of such skills.

We take a leadership role throughout and beyond the Holy Cross community. 

We lead by example in ways that strengthen the identity of the College.