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Varsity Club 2016 Hall of Fame - Nominations 


The Varsity Club’s selection committee meets each January to elect new members to the Holy Cross Athletic Hall of Fame. All who have a candidate in mind should submit nominations by November 1 to James A. Maloney, Secretary, Holy Cross Varsity Club, 862 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602.  Nominations may also be submitted via e-mail by clicking here.


About the Varsity Club 

The Holy Cross Varsity Club held its first official meeting in 1950, at a time when the College's athletic program was seeing the re-formation of the Athletic Association and an Alumni Athletics Committee. On a Sunday morning in October 1950, tennis and football star James J. Bowman `38 was named temporary chairman of the Varsity Club and ultimately served as the Club's first president. Since its formation, the Holy Cross Varsity Club has existed as an important resource. Innumerable athletes have come into contact with the Varsity Club directly and indirectly, and have witnessed the impact of a committed organization created to foster support for collegiate sports competition.

Any person who has been awarded a letter by the Holy Cross Athletic Department as a result of participation in a varsity sport at the College is a member of the Holy Cross Varsity Club.  Certificates of membership are traditionally given in the spring of a student-athlete's senior year.  The purpose of the Club is to preserve the traditions, foster the ideals, advance the interests and improve the quality and prestige of Holy Cross athletics and the role of athletics in the educational community of the College of the Holy Cross.  Members of the Club represent all eras of athletics and all collegiate teams at Holy Cross. As a result, the Varsity Club supports all areas of athletics and does not restrict its assistance to a specific team or sport.


Varsity Club Officers 

Victoria Wills McMahon '83 President
Sara M. O'Coin '08 President-Elect
Mary Beth Ryan '05 Vice President
James A. Maloney '69 Secretary
Anthony A. Froio '86 Treasurer



Holy Cross Varsity Club
Box A
Worcester, MA 01610-2395


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