Off The Field With Andrew Jameson

Andrew Jameson

Nickname: J-Mo

Favorite Musician: Kenny Chesney

Favorite Actor: Will Smith

Favorite Movie: The Departed

Favorite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Sport other than Football: Mixed Martial Arts

Favorite Sports Figure: Michael Oher

Favorite Spot a Campus: The Weight Room

Favorite Way to Relax: Listen to Music

Favorite Class at Holy Cross: Irish American Experience

Pre-Game Routine: Take a Hot Shower

One Word to Describe Coach Gilmore: Focused

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: Country Music

Title of My Autobiography: Everything Happens for a Reason

Favorite Web Site:

Person I Admire Most: My Brother

Most Influential People in My Life: My Parents

Best Word to Describe Me: Adventurous

Thing I am Most Thankful for: The Opportunity to attend Holy Cross

Favorite Quote: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." — Albert Einstein

One Person from History I Would Like to Have Dinner with: John F. Kennedy

Most Famous Person I've Met: Peyton Manning

Advice to Young Athletes: Follow your dreams and work hard.

Why I Chose Holy Cross: Great Academics and Sports

This story originally appeared in the September 1 edition of the Holy Cross Game Day Program, for the contest between the Crusaders and Massachusetts. To order a copy of the program, click here.