Off The Field With Sam Auffant

Sam Auffant

Nicknames: Sammy J, Shnoz, Beak

Favorite Musician: Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Favorite Song: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack

Favorite TV Show: The Sopranos

Favorite Magazine: Sports Illustrated

Favorite Sport other than Football: Hockey

Favorite Sports Figure: Bo Jackson

Favorite Spot on Campus: Hart Weight Room

Favorite Way to Relax: Listen to Music in Bed

Before I Came to Holy Cross, I'd Never Heard of: Beef Burgundy

Most Memorable Sports Moment: My first collegiate touchdown vs. Howard in 2010.

Favorite Thing to do on Bus Trips: Sleep

One Word to Describe Coach Gilmore: Passionate

One Team I would Like to Add to the Schedule: Marist College

Nobody Knows How Much I Like: The Outdoors

Craziest Ambition: Run with the Bulls

Dream Job: General Manager of the New England Patriots

Favorite Web Site:

Most Influential Person in My Life: My Father

Best Word to Describe Me: Loyal

Thing I am Most Thankful for: My Family

Most Famous Person I've Met: Bill Belichick

Advice to Young Athletes: Do it the right way.

Why I Chose Holy Cross: Best opportunity to get a quality education and play football.

This story originally appeared in the September 15 edition of the Holy Cross Game Day Program, for the contest between the Crusaders and Brown. To order a copy of the program, click here.