Statement by Holy Cross Director of Athletics Richard M. Regan Jr. Regarding Football Skirmish

Oct. 20, 2006

WORCESTER, MA - In the wake of the altercation between members of the Holy Cross and Dartmouth football teams following the conclusion of the Oct. 14 game, we have investigated the incident and addressed our concerns to our coaches and players. We will continue to review all aspects of the clash as additional information becomes available.

While emotions naturally flare during close athletic contests, it is incumbent upon all players, coaches and spectators to conduct themselves, at all times, with restraint and decorum. We regret this unfortunate incident. We are dedicated to nurturing an appropriate code of conduct for all our students and staff, commensurate with the mission of our institution. We will continue to insist upon the highest standards of behavior from our student athletes. Poor sportsmanship is never acceptable at Holy Cross. Brawling will not be tolerated.

Holy Cross and Dartmouth have a rich history of intercollegiate competition. Both institutions have a long tradition of commitment to respect and to general decency on and off the athletic field. We regard Saturday's incident as an aberration and a breach of the customary civility embraced by both colleges. We value our association with Dartmouth and look forward to many years of spirited games in Worcester and Hanover.

For additional information contact Nikolas Markantonatos at 508.793.2419