Senior Spotlight: Alex Aycock

Alex Aycock

By Jim Wrobel
Special to

Senior Alex Aycock (Jonesboro, Ark.) just concluded her four-year career as a member of the volleyball team. She was a part of 32 wins during her career which are the most by a senior class since the 2004 class posted 33 victories. Aycock posted 343 kills, 175 digs and 48 blocks during her career. Her 343 kills are the most of any current player on the team and her career-best 2.08 kills per set ranked third this season.

"Alex has been a wonderful person to coach," said head coach Erin Cady. "She is always striving to get better and will do anything for the program. Her dedication to HCVB is always apparent whenever you ask her to do anything, she smiles and simply says "Yes Ma'am", no questions asked."

Aycock recently talked to about her four years as a student-athlete.

When did you start playing competitive volleyball? What other sports did you play and what did you like so much about volleyball that wanted you to keep playing in college?

I first played volleyball in sixth grade at the local YMCA and a serve that actually went over the net garnered a big hoorah. By eighth grade I had fallen in love with the game and at that time I decided to try out for a traveling club team. Although I ran track and cross country and played basketball, volleyball remained my favorite sport. Through club I was exposed to more competitive volleyball, which made me want to move onto the next level.

Why did you choose Holy Cross?
The look and feel of Holy Cross always reminded me a bit of Hogwarts! While this is true, I really chose Holy Cross because of the excellent academics and for the opportunity to play volleyball at a Division I level. What really impressed my parents and me the most on my recruiting trip was the close knit family atmosphere of the team on and off the court.

What are some of your favorite things about being on the Holy Cross volleyball team?

From the moment I arrived on campus HCVB was a major part of my life and everything that I did. Although we may disagree at times I know that when push comes to shove they will have my back. Much like a family, because that is exactly the atmosphere we have formed in the program. Also, I thoroughly enjoy playing the game with others that are as passionate about the sport as I am.

What will you miss about Holy Cross?

I will miss the place I have grown to think of as my home over the past three and a half years. I will miss playing the game I love, but most importantly I will miss seeing my amazing friends every day. Although I know that the friendships I've made here can and will last past my time here at HC.

What will you take away from your experience at Holy Cross as a student-athlete?

That early is on time and on time is late! Not to mention that I have become a master multi-tasker! These have been some of the busiest times I've experienced, but I know that I am better off for it.

Who have been some positive influences in your life on and off the court?

I give due credit to my parents for all they do for my three siblings and me. Without them and their support I would not be where I am today. As for my siblings I cannot thank them enough for challenging me to be the best that I could be.  I love them all unconditionally along with my grandparents who have always been avid supporters of anything I do. My Grandmother brought me up to Summer Gateways and heard "Don't let your kids waste their education," which she has never let me forget. I am thankful for the constant reminders from her to do everything to the best of my ability.

Have you had a specific favorite volleyball road trip? And why was it your favorite?
My sophomore year we were traveling to Army and we encountered a freak October snow storm. We were stuck in the middle of the interstate somewhere in New York. What was supposed to be a three hour drive turned into a 17.5 hour drive or more like a wait. As much as we complained about getting stuck on the bus we had a ball trying to entertain ourselves! That is a road trip I know everyone will always remember!

What is your most memorable Holy Cross volleyball moment on the court?

I have had so many memorable moments on the court from my first match as a freshman where I had double digit kills to our first win against Bucknell last year. There is a picture from that game where everyone on the court was going absolutely nuts, such an incredible moment! Also, the game this year where we swept Lafayette and in the first set we beat them 25-7, a truly unreal game!