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The strength and conditioning program at the College of the Holy Cross is designed to enhance each athlete's success and in turn enhance the teams' success. Crusader student-athletes have the opportunity to work with two full-time certified strength and conditioning coaches that design training programs to improve performance.

In today's athletics, the foundation of any student-athlete's success on the field, court, ice or in the water is their year round preparation. The weight-room in the Hart Center at the College of the Holy Cross is designed to facilitate that preparation.


The 6,000 square foot weight-room contains a 33-yard long, 1800 square feet area for speed and movement training, over 15,000 lbs. of free weights, 8 Power Racks, 7 Olympic platforms, 5 Half Racks, 8 Benches, 8 Inclines and dumbbells ranging from 2.5 to 130 lbs.

Each student-athlete is given their own individualized program that is designed to improve movement skills, core strength, power, speed, strength, balance and flexibility. The strength and conditioning staff makes sure that all areas of performance enhancement are covered and that the training is balanced among all components.

Crusader student-athletes and the strength and conditioning staff have very high expectations. Much of what is done in the weight-room is designed to seamlessly integrate with the mission of the College while striving for athletic excellence. Crusader student-athletes will learn discipline, teamwork, and responsibility while developing confidence and a strong work ethic.


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