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Holy Cross Athletics   04-30-2012
Holy Cross Athletics

Seniors Caitie Shea and Cami Thompson conclude this season's blog by writing about the Patriot League Tournament.

Monday, April 23, 20012

Welcome to the start of playoff week. While the rest of the Patriot League teams are finished, we were happy to be one of the four remaining teams. Everyone arrived at practice very excited about our recent win against Lafayette and ready to prepare for the Patriot League Tournament. Along with practice we had lift and film, preparing ourselves for every aspect of the week ahead. Practice was intense, as we kept revenge on Colgate on our minds.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today we celebrated the announcement of our awesome teammates' successes.

Patriot League Defender of the Year- Catherine Furman

We're so proud of all of her accomplishments especially since she had been such an important player and leader. Plus 7 Clay is looking forward to a new trophy to showcase in our house.

Second Team Offensive All-Patriot League- Taylor Zebrowski

We're glad that Taylor's fast feet and sniper shot were recognized because she is such a huge component of our team.

Second Team Goalie All-Patriot League- Sarah Weber

We're so excited to see Weber come into her own as the anchor of our defense in goal. Nothing can get by Weber these days!

Second Team Midfield All-Patriot League- Laura Ryan

Wow what a freshman year! She really became an integral part of our team on both sides of the field. Can't wait to watch her success continue in the future.

Coming off the excitement from the recognition of their accomplishments, we had a great practice.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We had an evening practice on Wednesday to prepare for our first playoff game, which was to be held at night. We practiced adjusting to the lights. We were a bit nostalgic since it could be the last home field practice for the seniors, which was extra motivation to work hard.

Despite some raindrops, we were happy to see a beautiful rainbow over our field. Everyone saw this as a sign and assumed the end of the rainbow was at the Navy stadium where our pot of gold would be a win against Colgate.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy travel day! Everyone eagerly boarded the bus with pillow pets, sticks, snacks and our luggage for the trip down to Annapolis. While waiting at the airport we started receiving emails from Holy Cross lacrosse alumni who previously wore our number wishing us luck for the game ahead. Thanks alums for being so supportive!

After a meal at the hotel we went to Navy's stadium for our final practice before the game against Colgate. Despite being tired from a day of travel, practice went well. We finally went back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Cami Thompson & Caitie Shea

Friday, April 27, 2012


We started the day off with a light shoot around to get our sticks and minds ready for the opportunity ahead. Some of us went into Annapolis to sneak in a quick snack and shopping spree. Back at the hotel we had a pregame dinner. Our great team moms provided us with purple hair dye. Hairdresser Tay spent half her afternoon dying streaks of purple in everyone's hair for good luck. (Sneak peek: it worked)  

Game time- There was a mixture of nerves and excitement in the locker room and during warm-ups. When the first whistle blew though we were ready to do work. After an intense 60 minutes filled with hustle and heart we pulled through and upset the number 2 seed Colgate to secure a spot in the Patriot League Championship! And we're going to the Ship!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2012

Time to focus on our next challenge- Navy. We went back to Navy's field to practice, which by now almost felt like a second home field since we had spent so much time there. Practice was on the lighter side, but we felt prepared.

Obviously back to Annapolis for more shopping and snacks.

We went out for a good carbo-loading dinner at Macaronni Grille and were accompanied by the wonderful Ann Zelesky.

Once back at the hotel we watched our huge upset of Navy from the previous year as inspiration and motivation.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


After re-dying our hair, we once again walked out onto the Navy field ready to put up a fight as the once fifth seeded underdogs and against number 1 seeded Navy. The game was a battle and unfortunately despite our valiant effort, we fell to the Midshipmen.

Although we lost, we were so proud of how much our team had accomplished despite the obstacles we had faced. It really showed how hard work, determination and playing together can bring you to great places.

Amidst some tears we celebrated our three teammates who were named to the Patriot League All-Tournament Team: Catherine Furman, Caitie Shea, and Maddie Carrellas.

As seniors, walking off the field, the team cheer, taking off our jerseys, leaving the locker room, and getting on the bus were especially emotional, as they would be our last.

We want to thank our teammates who we love so much. Thank you for helping us end our careers in a Championship game with our best friends.

Week 10

Sophomore Maddie Parisi and freshman Sophia Agostinelli write about the 10th week of the season as the Crusaders went 2-0.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Marathon Monday today! Coach Trish is running all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon, which after some calculations is like running 6 and a half gauntlets, no stops. Her willingness to take on such an immense and exhaustive endeavor made us all want to challenge ourselves and work harder. We had film before practice where we learned that most of Central Connecticut's goals come from feeds. So it became apparent that we were going to focus on defending the cutter today, us defenders were PSYCHED. Practice was a little tough because it was hot out, but we knew we had to adapt to the weather. Some people showed of their new tans, apparently Mary Klimasewiski got hers from recreational sports. We ended practice with our goal in mind, being 9-7 on the season, and our first step towards this goal involved beating Central Connecticut first.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ONE DAY!! We had yet another beautiful day here on the Hill. After a wonderful lunch with Miss Caroline Pedlow, it was off to practice. We started in the locker room watching film then moved outside and jumped right into warm-ups. We worked on drills like defending the cutters, 1v1s, and the team's favorite—Issue Drill. Coach really stressed the importance of a staying tight on cutters and working out any kinks before we face Lafayette. DO WORK, BEAT CENTRAL!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Away game at Central Connecticut today. Wanting to get a win that would lead into our game against Lafayette, and we knew that we had to shut Central Connecticut down. Upon arrival at the field we realized that there were no locker rooms, so we all filed into the bathroom hoping that someone would point us in the right direction soon. While we were waiting Sarah Daly suggested that we all pick a stall to sit in while coach gave us our pre-game speech. In the end we never ended up in a locker room but rather we just changed on the shaggy rug that was Central Connecticut's home turf. It was Senior Day so their field was decorated and the announcements were longer the usual. Sarah Weber got a shout out for being Defensive Player of the Week after shutting down Lehigh, and our Trainer, Ton Erz, also received his first shout out. The game ended being a little too close for comfort, but in the end we managed to hold them off for a 10-8 victory. This game showed that we still had to work on fixing our mistakes before Lafayette and the post season.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a day! The weather was perfect out and there were lots of students out and about playing recreational sports and soaking up the natural UV rays. Our practice was pushed back to 5:30 p.m. so we could start to watch film and read through the scouting report on our next opponents, the Lafayette California Girls…errrr I mean Leopards. Everyone hustled to the weight room for an intense lift with Coach Britt. Once we got out on the field, Coach split up the offense and defense so they could work in separate drills that target certain aspects for both positions. The defense focused on crease rolls and everyone had to take turns playing the attacker and defender. Sara Cox (@sashafierce17D9) must have been an attacker in a precious life since she was an absolute natural. While defense was having fun experiencing what it was like to be an attacker, the offense was learning two new plays to try out during 7v7 and hopefully use them against Lafayette. We finished practice with some 8 meter shots and very thorough ball search.

Friday, April 20, 2012

We watched film before practice, in order to prep for our game against Lafayette. Coach wrote in bold letters on our scouting report, SEEDING, SEEDING, SEEDING. We wanted to win tomorrow's game in order to get good seeding in the tournament so that we can play Colgate in the first, and exact our revenge, hey it's no longer March—it's April. During practice, the offense fine-tuned the new play that involved using the crease as an advantage, this play would be really effective against Lafayette's defense who play out behind the net, and the defenders really worked on improving their defense on the crease and cutters. We ended practice knowing that our last home game had to coincide with our victory over Lafayette.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Everyone woke up well-rested and ready to play today. We started with a casual shoot around at noon. Everyone worked on what they personally needed, and we finished with a few 8 meters. Sarah Weber (@sweber814; Patriot League Defender of the Week) went on the record of saying that "it's really great coaching since Coach and Trish made the new plays specifically aimed at beating the Lafayette defense. This is going to be awesome!!" Afterwards, we relaxed our bodies and prepared our minds for the big game coming up. At 4:00 p.m., we had a delicious dinner in Kimball Dining Hall before we headed up to play an amazing game. We had some great fans—men's lacrosse, men's hockey and women's soccer—just to name a few; however, our biggest fans, the Grafton Youth Lacrosse team cheered us on from warm ups to the last second of the game. Despite being tightly face-guarded Taylor ZeBROwski (@tayyybayybayy) was still able to put one in the back of the net and cause two turnovers. Lafayette really played a great game, but it was Caitie Shea's (@sheamyname) game-changing checks that could not have come at a better time in addition to Sara Hennessey's (@sportyspicysara) third and final goal with only 36 seconds on the clock that helped us take the lead. Sarah Weber (Patriot League Defensive Player of the Week) made nine crucial saves with the help of some amazing team defense that Coach and Trish consistently stress the importance of. Everyone played with so much heart, and it really paid off because WE WON!!!! This game secured our spot as the third seed and allows us to face Colgate one last time this season!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today is our day of rest before we start our preparations for the Patriot League Tournament. It is quite rainy/monsoon-like so it is a perfect day to get caught up and a little ahead with our schoolwork since we are going to miss Thursday and Friday classes. Going 2-0 this past week has everyone fired-up and looking forward to going 2-0 this coming week.

Week Nine

Sophomore Sarah Weber and freshman Mary Klimasewiski write about the ninth week of the season which included the 10-7 win at Lehigh which clinched a bid to the Patriot League Tournament for the Crusaders.

Monday, April 9, 2012

After coming back from a nice day off on Easter, we jumped right back into things and had practice at 5:00 p.m. to allow those who went home to travel back to campus. Today we started focusing on Harvard and practice began with high 1v1s to prepare our defense for some things that Harvard might throw at us. After that, it was the attack's turn to prepare for some things the Harvard defense might throw at us. Instead of playing 7v7 we played 7 defenders versus 6 attackers. This allowed our attackers to get a feel for the Harvard defense. Throughout practice we worked on some of the usual feeding, cutting, picks and screens, and eight-meters. When practice ended, it was time to wish Katherine Sutton good luck with her surgery tomorrow! Good luck Kitty!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One day until the big Ivy League game against HARVARD!! We started the day today watching film and going over the scouting report for Harvard. The defense studied their marks and the attack studied their plays, and after a solid 30 minutes of that, we went outside to have a nice hard practice working on once again our long one v ones and moving the ball quickly to shatter Harvard's backer defense. We finished the day working on eight-meter shots, and when practice was over we partner stretched for a few minutes. After practice some of us went to Kimball or Crossroads, then a few of us decided to show our support for the men's lacrosse team as it played against Bryant under the lights.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harvard today! Everyone went to their classes today with Harvard on their minds. Even though we weren't leaving Holy Cross until 4:00 p.m., everyone started thinking about the game early in the day. At 4:00 p.m. we boarded the Silver Fox and drove the short ride to Harvard. Once we got there, we were overwhelmed with Harvard's Coliseum-like Quidditch pitch, but soon got used to the large venue that we would be playing in. At 6:00 p.m. we started our warm up, and the game started under the lights at 7:00 p.m. Harvard got off to a quick start, but our defense played great team-defense and kept the Harvard attack to just a few goals in the first half. We were down 5-1 at the half, but were determined to pick it up in the second half and improve our attack. The game ended in a 10-4 loss to Harvard, and although things didn't go the way we wanted we were happy we were able to play a tough team and get the kinks out before we played in our huge game against Lehigh on Saturday. The parents provided us with a quick grab and go tailgate consisting of delicious Long Island bagels and other assorted snacks. Everyone was excited to go to practice tomorrow and start to prepare to defeat Lehigh!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shoot around, practice, film then lift were on the schedule for the day as it was a typical Thursday for Holy Cross women's lacrosse. After a tough loss against Harvard our sights were set for a Patriot League Tournament spot that could potentially come from a win again Lehigh. Practice started with a give-and-go stick warm-up and once everyone's sticks were warmed up, we had our offense run one of Lehigh's plays. After that, we worked on the draws and practice ended with the Early-Slide Drill. After practice we hustled into the locker room to receive the Lehigh scouting report and watch a little bit of film. Since we have a six-hour bus ride on Friday, we saved most of our film watching for the bus. Once film was done we hurried into the weight room to do our favorite cleans, benches and pull-ups. After getting big, the day was finally over and everyone went home with thoughts of beating Lehigh in their minds.

Friday, April 13, 2012

One Day Until Lehigh! Today we practiced pretty quickly in order to travel to Lehigh in the afternoon. We worked again on studying a play that the Lehigh offense runs in order to prepare our defense. After that we worked on draws. We think that if we can have most of the draw controls tomorrow, then the game will be in our hands. Today we emphasized running through the ground balls off the draw and having clean draw controls. After that we did some classic 7v7. We worked on our offensive plays during that time. During the last five minutes of practice we practiced some 8-meter shots, then it was time to ball-search, shower and get on the road! Our first stop on the road-trip was to Verona, N.J., to Taylor Zebrowski's house. The Zebrowski family was generous enough to host our entire team for a lovely dinner, and Charlotte Brodsky's parents were also there and provided delicious food. The meal consisted of baked ziti and fried chicken. While we ate we watched the UNC/Northwestern women's lacrosse game on TV. We decided to use their game as inspiration to play like that tomorrow against Lehigh. After our lovely stay at the Zebrowski's house, we got back on the bus and got to our hotel around 11:00 p.m. Bedtime soon followed so that we could all get a good night's sleep. Big day tomorrow!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

GAME DAY! We all woke up for breakfast at 9:45 a.m. sharp with one of the biggest games of our season on our minds. We had a nice breakfast including very tasty cook to order omelets, which everyone took advantage of and then just the usual hotel spread. After breakfast and taping it was on the bus to make our way to Lehigh. Lloyd was our bus driver and we briefly got lost on the way to the school but all was ok after asking for directions and then we were back on our way. Warm ups started and everyone could feel it was going to be a good day, a hot day but a good day. 1:00 p.m. quickly came, the first draw was taken and our team never looked back. Lehigh took a quick 1-0 lead, but our offense went on a run with goals by Laura Ryan, Sara Hennessey and Maddie Carrellas. Our offense and defense were dominating almost the entirety of the first half, and we went into halftime with a 6-2 lead. The second half started and Lehigh was trying to stage a comeback, but our defense consisting of Julia Cowan, Sarah Daly, Sara Cox and Catherine Furman played awesome team-defense and denied a lot of Lehigh's chances. The clock expired and everyone was so excited because WE BEAT LEHIGH!!! And our chances to get into the Patriot League Tournament were looking good. We had finally won on the road at the most crucial time to win on the road. After the game it was tailgate time and back to Worcester we went. The day was long but it had finally come to a sweet end.

Week Eight

Freshmen Charlotte Brodsky and Kim Corkum write about the eighth week of the season which included the 20-5 win versus Bucknell on Senior Day.

Monday, April 2, 2012

DAY OFF! Although we had no practice, many took the day to work on their stick skills or shooting. We also took the day to catch up on work and sleep to mentally prepare ourselves for another intense week of practice.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beautiful day for lacrosse! After two much needed days of rest, we were excited to head back and get ready to play another Patriot League game. In practice, we worked on shooting under pressure and shooting off of picks and cuts. We also worked on draws; Trish found her new secret weapon- Sophia! Turns out Sophia has a secret skill when taking the draw! Then we ended with some fitness on the turf (a nice timed mile).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last day of classes! Another nice sunny day for lax. After the shoot around, we started practice. We worked on getting out of doubles, 3v2s from behind, challenging different corners of the 8 meter, and 5v5s. We ended practice with free positions and sprints. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two days til Bucknell! Today Coach and Trish surprised us with...an EASTER EGG HUNT! Everyone split into six teams, and went on a hunt to find each team's colored eggs from the clues Coach and Trish gave us. Within each egg was one word that, when put together with all the words in each egg, was part of a quote. The winners of the egg hunt were the Purple team (Lissie, Shea, Seton, and Pedlow) for finding the eggs and deciphering the quote, but shout out to the Blue team for finding their eggs fastest. I would say the Orange team was jipped, as their last egg was hidden in a glove...Thanks Tony!

After watching film from our Navy game, we were all anxious to get out on the field and fix the mistakes we made last game. Today we worked on 1v1s and clears to the defense. This week we have been focusing on working with each other better on off-ball, as well as being feeders from all points of the offense. We tried out a new drill that involved feeding from both behind the net and up top to two players in the middle who were using picks and screens to get open. As practice started to come to an end, everyone was hungry from all the hard work in practice. Furman claimed she was so hungry that she imagined Kat's leg as a chicken wing. So after we finished with 7v7 many of our teammates ordered in pizza and Chinese food or went to a delicious restaurant (The Flying Rhino). Tomorrow we have one more day to prepare for Bucknell!

Friday, April 6, 2012

ONE DAY TIL BUCKNELL! We started the day early at 9:00 a.m. with film of Bucknell, and then practice right after until noon. We worked on draw controls, 1v1s, 7v7s, and our favorite- Issue drill! We ended practice with 8 meter shots, and then departed to enjoy the rest of the day. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen, however, got right to work on Senior Day! Everyone helped decorate posters, paint sheets with our seniors' names on them, cover the locker room with streamers and balloons, and drew all over the pavement around the Hart center and the turf with chalk! Needless to say, the seniors will have a memorable Senior Day!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

GAME DAY. After team breakfast (we made Kimball open at 9:00 a.m. instead of 10:30 a.m....priorities!), we headed up to Hart and began mentally preparing for the game. The seniors enjoyed our decorations all over the Hart Center, in our locker room and at the turf! At 11:00 a.m., we headed out for warm up, but before the game started, we honored our seniors!

After a slightly slow start, we picked up the intensity and began to play our game. Needless to say, it was 11-3 at the half! After a solid first half and a great second half, we had finally played a full 60 minutes. Holy Cross beat Bucknell 20-5- a great win on Senior Day!

After our victory, we came together with all of our friends and family at the tailgate, and the juniors all read aloud their poems that they wrote for each of the seniors. It was so nice to see everyone's family for the Easter weekend and celebrate our Patriot League game win!! We love you seniors! These are reasons we appreciate and love our seniors:

We appreciate Furman for her constant hustle and aggression on defense. Our team can count on her to make a great interception or use her speed to run the ball over to offense. Her feistiness on defense brings an intensity the team is always striving for. Along with being a great leader on the team, we appreciate Furman's humor and ability to make us laugh with all her interesting food choices- bacon and slurpees anyone?

Besides being one of the fastest runners on our team (and smartest- 4.0 GPA?) Cami can always be counted on to give 100%. We appreciate Cami's quickness on attack and great shot placement. Whether playing attack or offering to play some defense, Cami's hustle and determination stands out and makes her a great team player.

Kayla's ability to feed and challenge under any situation proves her to be a valuable asset to the offense. Kayla sets the tone for the attack, moving the ball quick and finding a great cut, or slowing the offense down and working a play. And of course, her challenges always pose a threat with her unbelievable shot! It's been devastating to lose such a key player on the field, but her advice provides helpful insight for the team.

We appreciate Shea because she is always challenging her defenders on the crease and has an unbelievable roll dodge that gets them every time! You can always count on Shea coming up with a ground ball off the draw or sneaking around her defender for a wide open cut. Along with her lax skills she is one of the most creative and genuine people you will ever meet. She is always smiling and doing things for others. We love you Shea!!

We appreciate Kat because she is provides so much motivation to our team and is always pushing us to get better. From day one we looked up to her for her fitness and as an overall strong player. Her ability to beat a defender 1v1 and getting through defenders to get a great shot off. Her dedication to the team is inspiring and watching her everyday working hard to come back from her injury has shown the whole team how much we mean to her. She is truly a leader. We love you Kat!

Go here for coverage of Senior Day

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! We had a day off after Bucknell so many of us were able to go home, to Boston, or to a relative's house. The Easter Bunny left a basket in our room and I'm sure he made his way to the other dorms and houses! Hope everyone had a great Easter with even better treats! 

Week Seven

Juniors Sara Cox and Sarah Daly write about the seventh week of the season.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

After a tough loss at Colgate, and a long road trip back, we were eager to start a new week of practice...the very next day. Fortunately, practice was not until 2:00 p.m. so we had plenty of time to sleep in and catch up on our beauty rest. As we were playing two games in three days, practice was very light. We focused on stick work and shooting and stressed the importance of having a good mental game on Monday since we were tired. After practice, Daly and I decided to go on a date to the local Worcester eatery, the Boulevard Diner (known as "The Bully"), to get our carboload on for our big game against UC Davis the next day. It was a very successful meal as we each had chicken salad sandies, french fries, and split chocolate chip pancakes. Can you say yumm? :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday. Game day. We hosted some Cali lax players who were definitely not prepared for the atypical wacky Worcester weather. As we warmed up, we made sure to be extra careful with our passes, seeing as the winds were upwards of 20 miles per hour. We thought little Kim Corkum was going to blow away! The game was freezing, and we left the field with numb hands, but most importantly, we also left with a W and improved our record to 5-5, our best start to our season since 2007. Back up to .500 is where we wanted to be going into our third Patriot League game against Navy on Saturday. Mary Klimasewiski led the team with four draw controls, which we have been focusing on a lot in practice. Taylor Zebrowski led the team with four goals, while Laura Ryan had three, and Seton Hartnett posted a career-best three points, scoring two goals and having one assist. Defense nailed it holding UC Davis to just nine goals, when they had been averaging 16.29 per game which were ranked second nationally. We had some extra spectators seeing as the football team was preparing for practice right after our game. Luckily, this didn't shake Taylor Zebrowski's confidence as she netted her fourth and final goal of the game!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DAY OFF!!!!!! Finally. With no lacrosse, we were perplexed as to what to do with ourselves. Naturally, we took the day off to focus on our studies and hit up the library and various other academic buildings. Some of the team paid a visit to the nearest McDonalds where we talked all about lacrosse and how excited we were to start preparing for Navy. The cashier told us he never sold eight cheeseburgers as quickly as he just did to us! We rule! It truly was a day of rest, relaxation and french fries combined with scholarly work.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to the turf to begin Fleet Week, our preparations for beating Navy on Saturday. Our practice prep started in the locker room, where we watched film and learned how to shut down Navy's top scorers. The weather was pretty miz, but we didn't let that stop us from having a good first day back at practice. Most of us even got in an extra hour of practice at team shoot around. We learned the practice themes of this week were going to be having good 1v1 takes and solid 1v1 defense and getting the draw control cleanly, all things critical in beating Navy. We ended the practice with a hearty BEAT NAVY!! This is something we don't usually say until the end of practice the day before our game, but we wanted to keep our goal in mind every day of the week.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

We learned a new play called Sader so we could have another trick up our sleeve to help us beat Navy. Practice today was pretty tiring. We did lots and lots more of 1v1s. A highlight of practice was a doubling drill so the attackers could adjust to the high pressure defensive play of Navy. Lift followed practice, and thankfully it was an unload lift. Cox still managed to fall while we were doing abs. It was the most unathletic thing we have ever seen her do. We love getting swoll!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Day before Navy. We practiced a little earlier than usual so we would have plenty of time to catch our plane to Annapolis. Practice was all about continuing to work on 1v1s and perfecting the plays we were going to run. There was a lot of excitement coming from everyone. After practice, we showered up at Hart and got on the bus to Providence, everyone armed with their own personal pillow pet. On the bus ride to the airport, we watched more film of Navy. We love film! When we arrived at the airport everyone was extra eager to eat. While some chose sandwiches, Catherine Furman had a lovely dinner consisting of a burger and cheese fries. Other than the flight attendant calling us out for not turning off our cell phones when we were supposed to (shout out to Corinne), the flight went smoothly and we arrived at the Baltimore airport around 8:00 p.m. When we arrived at our hotel, we ate more food! The Furmans generously supplied us with more pizza than even we as a team could eat! After a long day of traveling and finally full stomachs, we were ready to hit the hay and dream of beating Navy. Lights out! BEAT NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

GAME DAY. Breakfast bright and early at the hotel before our team shoot around in Navy's stadium at 10:00 a.m. Rumor has it the muffins were really good, but the two of us, plus Coach, wouldn't know because the hotel ran out of them before we could get them. Needless to say we were not happy. There is not much to say about the game because we, unfortunately, did not come away with the win. There are a few noteworthy things to mention, however. Laura Ryan continued her streak of being on fire, scoring five goals and having one assist and Taylor Zebrowski scored her 100th career point! Congrats Tay-Tay! Julia Cowan beasted on defense, causing two turnovers. We had a good showing of parents and our alumni from last year- thanks for coming Mary Milley and Amy Martin-but we could have still used the support of the men's hockey team that we had last year at our game versus Navy. Regardless, it was soo nice to see the alumni! Even though we came away with a loss, it was a hard fought game and we can't wait for another shot at Navy in the playoffs.

Week Six

Freshmen Lissie Russert and Laura Ryan write about the sixth week of the season.

Monday, March 19, 2012

DAY OFF!! Monday was by far the most beautiful day yet—70 and sunny! Between classes and sunbathing everyone took advantage of the nice weather to play wall ball and catch outside. Catching up on rest was also a big priority because we knew the full week of practice in anticipation for Colgate was going to be anything but easy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The count down finally began: 4 DAYS UNTIL COLGATE. Eager to practice in another day of beautiful weather, we were all a little early to practice to work on our tans, or in some cases, add to our tans…Corinne Caracausa. Today, we worked out all of the kinks from the game against Sacred Heart, specifically defending stack offenses and picks and screens. Of course, to finish practice we ran figure 8s, sprinting the 50 yard line and end lines. To prepare for the Colgate game we held practice on the astro-turf all week because that is the type of field we were going to play on, on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 DAYS UNTIL COLGATE. It was finally time to start focusing on Colgate's attack and defense. The coaches emphasized Colgate's strengths and weaknesses on the field to give us a heads up on what to expect. Defending the cutters and stacks was again a big focus of today's practice. Although the beautiful weather was appreciated, the heat was definitely a little overwhelming at times. For the fitness aspect of practice we ran 10 100s. It was a great team effort and everyone put their all into each sprint knowing that each one made us better individually and as a whole. To conclude practice, we played 7v7 tired from our sprints. This is important because it is very similar to a game situation in that we must take care of the ball when we're tired. Following practice we had our team lift. As usual we all nailed our cleans, squats and benches.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 DAYS UNTIL COLGATE. We thought the heat on Wednesday was bad…There was a record high of 78 degrees today in Worcester. Even though Coach says water is for the weak, the water breaks were definitely needed today. In practice we worked on recognizing the back door cuts, knowing that was a weakness in Colgate's defense. We also focused on draw controls, which is always a key to winning the game. Because of the heat, we cut practice a little bit short to watch film on Colgate preparing us more for our next big Patriot League game.

Friday, March 23, 2012

1 DAY UNTIL COLGATE. Today we had a quick practice before we had to be showered and on the bus to Colgate. In practice we perfected our plays and team defense in our final preparation for tomorrow's big game. At 4:28, Coach gave us the 2-minute warning to send out our farewell texts because we would not have our phones for the long bus trip ahead. Little did she know, all of the upper classmen set their alarms for 8:30 as a little prank on Coach and Trish. Although the nervous laughter started at 8:25, Coach had no idea until 8:30 when her box of phones started ringing off the hook. Not only did everyone get a good laugh out of it, everyone also got their phones back because there were too many alarms and too little patience. Finally we arrived at Utica, New York, where we would be spending the night. Everyone settled in their room and their Sleep Number beds (thanks Utica Hotel) and got a good night sleep for tomorrow's game.

Saturday, March 24, 2012,

GAME DAY. Breakfast at 9:45 and departure at 10:15 allowed everyone to get a solid night sleep. It was about an hour bus trip from the hotel to Colgate, during which many of us went through our pregame rituals and pump-up mixes on our IPods, preparing ourselves for the intensity of the game to come. Once we arrived at Colgate everyone got the treatment they needed to be prepared for the game. Warm-ups sped by, as usual, and the game began. We took an early lead and continued it ending the first half 9 to 4. As expected Colgate came out in the second half ready to fight and unfortunately the end result was not in our favor. After the riveting second half, the final score was 12-11.  Although the end result was not the desired result, we all learned a lot from our mistakes and are more than ready to put the hard work in to improve. After the long bus ride home, a few of the girls decided to go see the much-anticipated film, The Hunger Games. We figured it was the best way to spend our Saturday night after a tough game and to get us in the mood for our next game against UC Davis on Monday. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN OUR FAVOR.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

After the tough loss, we were all eager and excited to get back on the field to prepare for our next game against UC Davis on Monday. Despite the cold and rainy weather, everyone was outside before practice working on various things to prepare for the game. Of course, the rain picked up just as practice was beginning, but that did not stop our hard work one bit. We practiced 1v1's for a large portion of practice which was beneficial for both our attackers and defenders. We concluded practice with 7v7 feeling confident going into our game tomorrow. DO WORK! BEAT UC DAVIS!

Week Five

Junior Maddie Carrellas and sophomore Sara Hennessey write about the fifth week of the season which saw the team go 2-0.

Monday, March 12, 2012

One day til Brown! Everyone was really pumped up in practice on Monday, because we were all looking for revenge from last year's game. We were excited to face another Ivy League team and were hoping to get another win under our belts to get closer to evening out our record. There were a couple things we knew we needed to work on in practice including draws to cage and we practiced situational drills to work on getting out of double teams. We made sure to refresh our minds on all of our plays and we ended with the usual 8 meter drill.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GAME DAY!!! The locker room was buzzing with excitement and everyone was going through their pregame rituals to prepare themselves for a very physical and intense game. There was a lot on the line because Maddie Carrellas' younger sister would be on the opposing team, and family bragging rights would be up for grabs. As expected Brown came out ready to brawl and we did a god job of matching their intensity. After some big stops on defense, we outshot and outscored Brown after the first half, and went into the second half with a 7 to 5 lead. The first half was a little nerve racking after having to dig ourselves out of a four goal deficit. We ended this half with six unanswered goals and continued the momentum by scoring the first two goals in the second half. With six and a half minutes left, the less athletic and pretty Carrellas scored to make the game at a one goal difference, 10-9. Even though the two teams fought to the very finish, we were able to come out with a win and only a few bumps and bruises with the exception of Laura Ryan.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

After a tough couple of days and a couple of great wins we were all extremely relieved to have a day off. Although most of us passed the time ice bathing and stretching in the training room, we were all really happy to have the day to catch up on sleep and school work. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coming back on Thursday we knew that we had three days to work hard towards Sacred Heart, which would be a great season changing game. We had the opportunity to be 4-4 going into our second Patriot League game, and this was a goal we wanted to achieve as a team. During practice we focused a lot on fixing our mistakes from the Brown game. We continued to work a lot on draw controls and we needed to be more consistent with our ground balls. Coach always manages to make 8 meters at the end of practice somewhat of a competition with sprint incentives. We ended practice with Sacred Heart on the mind. Two more practices til gamedayyyy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We all gathered in the locker room a little earlier today to watch our American game, which is very helpful to see the positives and negatives of our performance. After film was over we headed outside to start practice, ready to be in the sun and to start a season of pinny and goggle tan lines. Today was Sophia's favorite day because it was finally appropriate for her to wear just shorts and a pinny and of course a great pair of colorful socks. We worked a lot on 7 v 7 and draws to cage. We were all a little thrown off not having a Saturday game, but we were excited to have a relaxing Friday night, and some of our team even made a good showing in Dinand. Oh how smahhhtt we are!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

ST. PATRICK'S DAY! What better way to celebrate than to have film and practice and enjoy a beautiful day outside with the team. We practiced defending the cutters in the stack and we also did the early slide drill to work on our help D. After practice we all met up at the lovely 7 Clay to have a pasta team dinner. We enjoyed multiple helpings of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread and Sarah Weber kept her eyes glued on the TV as Harry Potter played. We also played the name game with the entire team and learned some fun facts about everyone. Charlotte Brodsky loves to kayak to her grandmother's house in her spare time, Kim Corkum has an identical twin and Sophia Agostinelli chirped Taylor Zebrowski for faking her out big time in practice. Some quality time off the field with the entire team was just what we needed before playing Sacred Heart.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ST. LAXTRICK'S DAY!  A beautiful day for a win! With awesome weather and a bunch of fans, we took the field and were ready to even our record out to 4-4. We looked to maintain intensity and get off to a good start in the game. We did exactly that in the first half, starting off with three unanswered goals and outscoring Sacred Heart 10-5 in the first half. Five different Crusader attackers were able to score for us. As the game moved forward, both teams battled in the second half. The score evened out a little bit, but sure enough we came out on top as the final whistle blew. A 15-12 win over Sacred Heart was exactly what we needed to be really pumped up for our second Patriot League game the following week. We look forward to a full week of preparation to go into our game against Colgate! GO CROSS!

Week Four

Senior Kayla DiBari and Taylor Zebrowski write about the fourth week of the season including the team's win versus American.

Dear Passengers, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. We experienced some minor turbulence throughout the week, however our plane landed safely and successfully with an undefeated recorded within the Patriot League.

This has been your captains speaking, over and out.

Monday, March 5, 2012

GAME DAY! Everyone woke up excited and eager to finally play our next game! We had a great breakfast at the hotel followed by another intense shoot around to warm up our sticks. After we got back to the hotel we enjoyed a delicious boxed lunch from Jason's Deli while we prepared and watched more film on High Point. Thanks to those who gave up sweets for lent, Kayla was appreciative for the extra cookies. After a little bit of down time we headed back to the field. Warm ups went smoothly and the team was anxious and ready to play, especially after the motivating and riveting highlight reel that High Point so graciously entertained us with. Although the end result of the game wasn't in our favor, there were high points throughout the game (see what we did there). Sara Hennessey and Maddie Carrellas both posted hat-tricks while Sarah Weber also had a great game. After losing such an intense game by such a small margin, you would think our spirits would be down, however we were proud of how we played and even more fired up for the week ahead. With the loss, the team set a new standard to which we will continue to hold ourselves. We indulged in yet another delicious meal postgame back at the hotel (thanks again to all those who gave up sweets, Kayla really appreciated the extra cake pops!). We spent the remainder of the night lounging in the hotel lobby hanging out with the team and parents. Not only were we graced with the presence of HCWLAX alum Annie Boylan, but we also received a visit from High Point's #14 because someone left their jacket at the field…shout out to Sarah Daly.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time to go home to the beautiful woo! We woke up bright and early to embark on our travels. On our first flight we were lucky enough to travel with Laura Ryan's mother and Lil Wayne. We arrived in Hotlanta for another classic layover where we all got in some quality conditioning sprinting from gate to gate. Some of us even made the trip back and forth twice because someone left their phone on the plane…shout out to Sarah Daly. We lounged and ate at our gate while playing everyone's new favorite game, Draw Something. Catherine Furman also perfected Weezy's (aka Kayla's) cornrows during our pit stop. On the final flight home, the team was able to spread out throughout the plane and finally catch some z's. We were surprised and pleased to be greeted by delicious sandwiches when we boarded our Silver Fox bus in Boston for the final leg of our trip. It was so much fun to spend our entire day off traveling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday was a very busy day. We started the day off praying the field would be clear of snow so we could start preparing for American. Our prayers must have been heard thanks to the amount of time we spent in the chapel. As a team, we decided to try something new and we organized a retreat through the Chaplin's office to learn about each other on a new level. You'd think that a team who spends almost every waking moment together would know everything there is to know about one another, but surprisingly we all learned a lot. Thanks to inspiring talks by Seton Hartnett, Caitie Shea and Maddie Carrellas we discussed appreciation, teamwork and courage.  At the end of the retreat coach Ridolfi gave us a very motivating speech that allowed her to reach out to us on a more personal level as more than just a coach. After a long morning of team bonding we headed outside for practice (shout out to Trish for getting that field plowed). With the sun shining bright we had a great, yet exhausting practice and then headed off to lift to get huge. We picked things up and put them down for an hour and the results were tremendous. I think Taylor may have lifted her body weight on DB Snatches, (but she only weighs 110 so it wasn't that much). The long day was tiring and the team used the night to really lay low and enjoy Spring Break.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday morning was a blast. Prior to watching film, several of our teammates donated their time to helping out at the food bank. We then all returned to our second home, the Hart Center, for a brief preview of what we would be up against on Saturday. We headed out to the lower field because the amazingly warm weather melted all the ugly snow. After practice we went to coach's house for dinner and feasted on some delicious lasagna. We then watched film again before topping the night off with our main attraction, Just Dance Nickelodeon edition where we learned that Taylor and Sarah Daly can dance, and Corinne Caracausa cannot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

One day until American! We jump started our morning with yet another shoot around followed by, you guessed it...film! We headed out to practice where we went over our game plan and strategies for tomorrow's game, then returned to the locker room for…one more time...film. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

With our most important game of the season finally here, everyone was so excited to play. We met on the upper turf at 11:00 a.m. for a brief shoot around, headed to Kimball for a nice team lunch then got to cheer on the men's team as they took on Colgate for their Patriot League opener. We headed in to the locker room to get fired up for the start of our game. We warmed up with some fresh dance moves that matched perfectly with our newly adjusted warm up cd. Call Me TayTay was an extremely well received addition to the mix. We were so excited and so ready to finally hear that first whistle! The game vs. American could not have been more intense. All of our hard work throughout the week really translated into the game and resulted in a 1-0 record in the Patriot League!! We played as a team for a solid 60 minutes with everyone contributing. The defense played out of their minds with yet another strong performance by Sarah Weber along with all seven attackers getting on the scoreboard! Go Cross!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings! We lost an hour today, has anyone seen it? Happy 22nd Birthday to Kat Sutton (purr)! With the adrenaline from the big win still in us we met at the field at 2:00 p.m. for a light practice to start getting ready for our next game on Tuesday. We worked on more stick skills and tried to keep our legs loose with an extended partner stretch. It was a great way to wrap up a great weekend. Two days until Brown!!

Week Three

Junior Caroline Pedlow and sophomore Corinne Caracausa write about the third week of the season, including the start of the team's trip to North Carolina.

Monday, February 27, 2012

After a tough loss against Yale, HCWLAX was ready to get back to practice and really bring the INTENSITY! We started the off with an intense partner lift where Cox did some serious reps on her single leg squats, the football team was impressed. We then watched some film and learned a lot from our mistakes against Yale and were determined to improve. In preparation for Wednesday's game we worked on beating Fairfield's defense when clearing the ball out of our defensive end after Weber has made one of her awesome saves. Four days till Spring Break 2012!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our normal practice routine was thrown off a bit by the HCMLAX home-opener against Harvard. We met in the locker room to watch film on Fairfield then headed to warm up on the astro turf as the men's game finished up. When we finally got back on our own field, we jumped straight into 1 vs. 1's. Coach commented that everyone's play was really intense and it must have been because the Harvard boys were watching. We were having a really great practice until the lights went out in the middle of our 7 vs. 7. This was a minor set back because it was getting cold but we managed to pass the time arguing where the big and little dippers were located in the sky. The lights came back on and we finished the practice the way we started it: INTENSELY!! Three days till Spring Break 2012!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Due to inclement weather our game against Fairfield was cancelled! What a bummer; however, we can take away a positive from this: When our game is rescheduled we hope to have all members of our team fit and ready. Since we couldn't go outside, coach put together a nice circuit workout to help keep us in shape for spring break (Here we come Pointa Cana!!). One of the circuits included jump roping for seven minutes straight; we really felt the burn in our calves. One group of jump ropers passed the time by seeing who could jump rope the longest without messing up. Shout out to Catherine Furman for nailing it!! We finished up with 30 minutes of wall ball then headed off to get big in the weight room, our star cleaner being Sophia. Two days till Spring Break 2012 woohoo!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DAY OFF!! Ice baths, wall ball and muscle milk for everyone. Spring Break is almost here!! We really took advantage of the day off to give our bodies some rest and catch up on all our work. HCWLAX crushed the lib. In honor of the big day off the team celebrated by wearing non- HCLAX apparel to class. Who knew anyone on our team owned anything but yoga pants and sweatshirts? Spring Break Starts Tomorrow!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Classes are over… time for lax on lax on lax. Since it snowed for two days straight we had a hardcore practice in the field house. With our time we focused on fast breaks, stick work and defending the cutter. Coach thinks that if we shut down the feeding game for High Point we can really do some damage on the field. After practice we headed back up to the locker room to watch some film and got our NEW UNIFORMS!! Unfortunately, the new uni's were a little small, forget about bikini shape it's time to get into uniform shape. No more of Mrs. Ryan's delicious desserts for Pedlow and Corinne at the tailgates. Pointa Cana tomorrow!!! Later that night we all headed up to the men's hockey game vs. Army, to help support one of our favorite men's sports team at Holy Cross. Congrats on the win!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Talk about a series of unfortunate events!! Spring Break was finally here but the bus wasn't! Off to a late start, we finally made it to the airport only to find out our flight was delayed, so HCWLAX did what is does best: went to get food. We finally boarded our first flight headed for Atlanta, Ga. (the state two below our final destination). Talk about some turbulence… nervous freshman Laura Ryan barely made it through the flight alive, good thing coach was seated beside her to lend a shoulder to lean on. We landed in Hotlanta and started in a full out sprint to the next terminal to try and catch our connecting flight, only to discover that it had been delayed four hours!!! We were determined to remain positive: more time for food. One short flight later, we were in North Carolina, aka Pedlow's homeland! We grabbed our bags and headed straight to the field for practice. Although it was later than usual for practice the weather was really nice and everyone was itching to get out on the field to play. We learned some fun new plays in practice that we are all really excited about using in our upcoming game. Practice was over and it was time to eat. Again! We had a delicious take out meal from a place called Gianno's. Later some late night snackers snuck out for a late night treat… McFlurries! Then it was bedtime, talk about a long day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our alarm clocks woke us up a little too early for many of our liking, but everyone was excited to get up and enjoy our first full day in Pointa Cana! First on the agenda: Brunch at Pedlows!! Yes more food! Lets just say it wasn't Mrs. Pedlow's first time in the kitchen. She really fed us well. We all relaxed and enjoyed snuggling in Pedlow's bed. We watched more film on High Point, ate some more and then it was back on the road for HCWLAX. Quick turn around back at the hotel and off to practice. Today we had a classic day-before-the-game practice with 1 vs. 1's, clears and 7 vs. 7. We had an awesome team dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, many thanks to the wonderful Boylan Family for treating us to a delicious meal! Back the hotel and off to bed! Big Game tomorrow, Go Cross!!




Week Two

Sophomores Christina Amendola and Seton Hartnett write about the second week of the season, including the team's win versus Bryant.

Monday, February 20, 2012

On Monday, we came back from the weekend refreshed and ready to start preparing for Bryant. Throughout the day everyone got in a partner lift between classes or practice. We focused on shooting in practice, with the knowledge that the Bryant goalie was especially active in cage, and a lefty. Defense worked on forcing attackers to their left hand. We ended practice with 7v7, focusing on game preparation. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 

Before practice on Tuesday, attackers met in the locker room to watch footage of last year's win against Bryant. We were able to watch the high activity level of the goalie, and we discussed seeing her, throwing in a fake and then shooting. We spent most of practice shooting, and when we ended with 8 meters, goalies Sarah Weber and Maddie Parisi kindly offered to play lefty in order for us to visualize the Bryant goalie. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 

Game day!! It was a gorgeous, sunny, unseasonably warm day for February. We had a great pre-game talk on the leather couches in the visiting locker room and stepped out on the field ready to play. We controlled the game and played a full 60 minutes. We won 14-5 and Weber had a phenomenal save percentage, with nine saves and only five goals allowed. It felt great to get our first win, plus Christina and Sophia Agostinelli made their college debuts on the field and put up a stellar performance! The tailgate was wonderful, as usual, but being that it was Ash Wednesday, many of the girls did not indulge in the delicious sweets. 

Go here to view photos from the game

Thursday, February 23, 2012 

We started Thursday's practice energized by the win but focused on bettering our play. We did maze passing, groundballs, defensive body positioning, crease defense and the offense learned new alternatives to some of our plays. We usually end practice with 8 meters; if the attacker does not score, the team runs a sprint. But this means that the defense and the goalies run for doing their job successfully. We switched it up today. If an attacker scored, the team runs. As a team, we all have different jobs, but we work together to support each other. 

Friday, February 24, 2012 

Rain, rain go away! We warmed up our sticks inside due to the downpour, but we braved the weather in order to get our work done. To prepare for Yale, we worked on shooting, 1v1s, fast break drills, clears, 3v3 half eight, 7v7 and ended in 8 meters. We did not have any game tape on Yale because it was its first game of the season, so we focused on our own play.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 

After getting a little lost in downtown New Haven, we got to the field ready to play. The game went back and forth for a while, then Yale's lead grew to 13-5. But Holy Cross lacrosse was not about to give up. We cut the deficit to two goals with a minute left! While we did not pull off the win, the effort and heart shown in the contest are a testament to our character. The tailgate was hosted by the Amendolas, chicken parm, penne vodka, and ziti for days! It's always nice to see your family too! Everyone is ready to get a win against Fairfield!

Week One

Sophomores Julia Cowan and Maggie Reichenbach kick off this season's blog by describing the first week of competition.

Monday & Tuesday, February 13 & 14, 2012 (Julia)

Hello HCWLAX fans!!! After a great fall season and exciting preseason, the best time of the year finally arrived! With our first game of the season on Wednesday against the UMass Minutewomen, everyone was getting real excited to start our season. During Monday and Tuesday's practice we focused on preparing for the big day Wednesday. We spent a lot of time working on our full field game-like situations and a lot of 7v7. We also spent time watching film on Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday night after practice we filled ourselves with the quite delicious Kimball and got ourselves a lot of sleep!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (Julia)

Game day is here!!!! It was very difficult to pay any attention in class this morning with the big game ahead. At noon we met up at the Hart Center and got on the bus headed to UMass. On the way I listened to my pump up playlist to get all psyched up. At 2:30 p.m. we rolled up to the stadium extremely excited to get started. The fist pregame warm up is always real intense. Finally, it was time to play. Laura Ryan scored her first collegiate goal off a free-position. Maggie and Taylor Zebrowski both scored three goals for the team. Although the game did not end up in our favor, we learned a lot from it. We talked about our mistakes and looked forward to fixing them during tomorrow's practice. After the game, we headed to Caitie Shea's grandma's house for the first tailgate of the season. Grandma Shea makes a mean strawberry jam.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 (Maggie)

Today at practice we really focused on fixing some of our mistakes from the UMass game. Defenders worked on long throws and attackers worked on shooting off of cuts. It was a short practice because we still had to watch film and go to the weight room. We watched clips of our defense from the UMass game and talked about what we were going to change when we play BC tomorrow. Then we all headed to meet Brit, our lift coach, who helped us stretch out our legs.

Friday, February 17, 2012 (Maggie)

We really improved in many aspects of the game from when we last played against UMass to today when we played BC. At half time we were only down by a few goals to a top 20 team. In our post game talk we said that we have to focus on playing a full sixty minutes of consistent lacrosse on both attack and defense. On a positive note, we were 2-2 on free-position shots, which is something we have really been focusing on at the end of each practice. We need to take advantage of free-position shots. The tailgate was phenomenal as usual. Shoutout to Corinne Caracausa's mom for her amazing strawberry salad.

Go here to view photos from the game





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