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Holy Cross Athletics   04-27-2011
Holy Cross Athletics


Hi HCWLAX fans! Senior defender, Maryalice Gill, reporting, and I have the bittersweet responsibility of leaving you with our team's final blog post for the 2010-2011 season. HUGE thanks to all of our friends, families and fans for following us all the way from the start of fall ball in September to our final game at Lafayette this past weekend! We would not be the team we are without your support! Here is a final look at the "Fight!" and pride of our 2010-2011 squad.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

After a difficult loss to Lehigh on Saturday, our coaches gave us the day off Sunday to reflect on all of our work and effort over this season, and to refocus ourselves on the pride necessary to win our last game against Lafayette this coming Saturday. A couple of the alumni from our 2009 and 2010 teams visited for the weekend so we had the opportunity to share some memories and some laughs with them over breakfast. It was an awesome opportunity to catch up with former teammates (and lifelong friends) and to reminisce on all of the hard work many of us have put into this program for two, three, or four years now. Having the alumni here inspired many of us to work hard this last week at practice for a season-culminating W on Saturday! We all agreed college lacrosse goes by too fast!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The coaches were kind enough to give us two days off this week to ensure we are rested for what promises to be a battle against Lafayette. I spent Monday night in the library working on an English paper and saw many of my teammates there studying hard. Julia Murphy, Catherine Furman and Sarah Weber were some lax scholars of note sharing the stacks on Monday. Caitlyn Shea was also conducting a psychology research study Monday night in which many of us participated to help her with her research. Even on a night off, our team puts in hard work off the field in order to stay mentally focused on lacrosse later in the week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We took to the turf Tuesday on a rainy afternoon and started practice doing four-person shuttle lines to polish up our stick work after two days off. Then we transitioned into high 1 v. 1 drills to prepare for Lafayette's fast-paced style of play. Our coaches took us aside and listed off a number of things characterizing Lafayette's game that we will likely face down in Pennsylvania. They informed us they would be refreshing us on our upcoming opponent every day to get ready for Saturday. The word of the week is "Pride" as we aim to finish out the season with the best lacrosse our 2010-2011 team can put together. We also worked on getting out of doubles on attack, 7 v 7s and 8-meter shots. The captains kept all of the seniors and underclassmen concentrating on the fact that this is our last week to practice together as a 2010-2011 unit, so we'd better give it everything we have!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's weather wasn't much better today, but everyone's mood was a little brighter with Easter Break finally upon us! Most of the school had departed from campus by the time we had practice, but we all headed up to Hart to put in another hard day of work to prepare for Saturday. The coaches had us doing maze passing, draws to cage, the layer drill and scrimmaging to work on every aspect of our play. They split us into two teams for the scrimmage, and the losing group had to do a couple of hundred yard sprints. My group ended up having to sprint, but we all made our times a positive way to finish up our last hundred-yard sprints of the year! Things are looking good for Saturday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everybody got some extra rest Holy Thursday morning without classes, but we also started lacrosse a little earlier with a 12:15 p.m. team lift. After a week or so hiatus from the weight room, Britt got us all going again with some dumbbell snatches, push-up rows, slide board single-leg squats and partner abs. With everyone on vacation, our team had the weight room to ourselves which was a nice change from the busy lift days on Tuesday and Thursday nights sharing with women's soccer and hockey! Everybody cheered each other on as we did our last sets of lift for the season, and got their last "I JUST GOT BETTER" tap on their way out the door.

At practice, we continued the intensity with more high 1 v 1s, man-up and man-down situations on attack and defense, scrimmaging and clears. We did everything up-tempo so we could get through practice and get to Annie Boylan's house for a fabulous team dinner in Andover! Upon arrival, we annihilated Momma Vic's delicious cheese and jalapeno dip. Then the Boylans provided us an amazing meal of steak, macaroni and cheese, salad, baked beans, baked artichoke and garlic bread, followed by a couple of delectable desserts. For the sophomore class, who has given up 40 days of sweets for Lent, it is getting harder and harder to say "no!" Meanwhile, Mary Milley, Maggie Reichenbach and Taylor Zebrowski kept everybody laughing with personalized "team superlatives," naming everyone from "Most Likely to Live in a Tree" to "Most Likely to be Famous." It was wonderful to have a night to relax and eat a home-cooked feast going into our last game day weekend. We left the Boylans promising to see them for a hard-fought win on Saturday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bright and early at 7:30 a.m., our Silver Fox bus took off from the Hart Center with our favorite bus driver, Bob, behind the wheel. Many of the girls snuggled with their pillow pets, napping on the five-hour trip down to Easton, Pa., until we rolled up to Donald Trump's Trump National Golf Club, in Bedminster, New Jersey for lunch! The Murphy's had kindly invited us for a pre-practice luncheon at one of the fanciest courses I've ever seen. Mr. Trump greeted us from an oil painting upon entry, and we all were hydrated with "Trump Ice" brand water and satisfied with "TRUMP" golden brick chocolate bars for dessert. After lunch, Taylor Zebrowski and Caitlyn Shea had the chance to test-drive (or test-sit) one of the Ferraris out front. We really felt like professional athletes eating in style before taking the turf at Lafayette!

Go here for photos.

At practice, we got some of the final kinks out of our game before our final matchup tomorrow. Practice included partner pacing, space game, the early-slide drill, 7 v 7s and some more 8-meter shot work. After one final, "Fight! Beat Lafayette!" cheer, we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for another awesome team meal down the street. The restaurant seated us in a private room with a large rectangle of tables so we could all eat together, a rare opportunity for 28 girls on the road! We all enjoyed some fine dining, some tasty desserts (except for the sophomores, that is) and a lot of laughs on our last night together before our big game!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When I woke up for GAME DAY today, I discovered Caitie Shea had decorated our hotel bathroom with post-it notes cheering "Go Cross!" "We love our Seniors!" reminding me, once again, that this really is our LAST GAME as the 2010-2011 HCWLAX team! We headed down to the hotel lobby for one last team breakfast and drove back out to Lafayette around 11:15 a.m. The bus was silent as everybody zoned out to their IPods on the way over, preparing to show Lafayette and the Patriot League what Holy Cross lacrosse is really made of. The weather was a little dreary, but our play as anything but!

Our attack came out ON FIRE as Kat Sutton scored five goals and one assist, Meg O'Leary scored three goals and one assist, both Kayla DiBari and Maddie Carrellas scored two goals and one assist, and Annie Boylan, Taylor Zebrowski and Sara Hennessey each scored two goals apiece. Tina Marino also recorded her first collegiate point with an assist! With 18 goals in total, beating Lafayette by two, it was the strongest showing our team has had on offense all year! Amy Martin also capped off her incredible career between the pipes with eight saves.

Go here for photos of the postgame tailgate.

For the nine seniors, it was awesome to leave our last field of play with a W. I'll never forget my teammates' hustle in the game, or their overwhelming support from the sidelines, as we battled Lafayette for 60 minutes. For the underclassmen, the win is a solid demonstration of what HCWLAX has left in the tank for next year! Stay tuned friends, family, and fans, and watch out Patriot League this is one team you want to keep your eye on! I know I can hardly wait to cheer on the hardest working team I know, and the closest friends I have, as an alumnus next season! Thanks for the memories HCWLAX!


Greetings sports fans! Kayla DiBari and Catherine Furman here reporting for duty. Can we just say that it is an honor for us to be named bloggers of the week, and hope you will join us for a quick recap of this week's events. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all time. Emergency exits can be located at the top and bottom of the page. Thank you and enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

After a great win at Bucknell on Saturday, we took Sunday off to get ready for a big week of lacrosse. Since we are roommates, we decided to spend the majority of the day relaxing and thinking of jokes to play on our third roommate, fellow teammate Caitie Shea. However, being the scholar that she is, she was in the library all day and we never got a chance to carry out on our elaborate plans for the day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today at practice we shifted our focus towards Harvard. We worked on draws and fast break situations. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we practiced in shorts for one of the first times in a while. Today our goalies Amy Martin, Maddie Parisi and Sarah Weber really worked on being active during their clears to the low defenders, while our attackers ran over some new plays.

Catherine Furman

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Before practice we watched film on Harvard to understand some of the specifics about the team. We really paid attention to their fast 1 v 1 plays as well as quickness in the midfield. During practice we focused a lot on defending the fast break as well as our individual defense. We were all really excited to play our first night game under the lights against a great opponent like Harvard!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Game Day versus Harvard! After classes the team had a shoot around at 3:00 p.m. and then we went straight to a team dinner in the dining hall at 4:00 p.m. Though the first couple days of the week felt more like spring, today was rainy and cold. Sophomore Maddie Carellas and senior Meg O'Leary led the team with two goals each while fellow blogger Kayla DiBari and sophomore Taylor Zebrowski each netted one.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Before practice today we watched some game film from our Harvard game to learn from our mistakes. We then shifted our attention to the game this Saturday against Lehigh, knowing it is a must win for entry into the Patriot League playoffs. The team knew that we needed to work hard and stay focused before our huge game.

Kayla DiBari

Friday, April 15, 2011

One more day until Lehigh!! The team knew that this practice would play a big role in how we play tomorrow during the game! The adrenaline is up, everyone is excited for senior day and to fight hard for the win to get us into the tournament! We worked on the little things today, getting our sticks ready and running through the plays to make sure we know them like the back of our hand. After practice the juniors, sophomores and freshmen stayed after to decorate the locker room and field to surprise the seniors and honor them on their last home game. We really saw some great creative skills from freshman Maggie Reichenbach as well as intricate detail work with streamers from Corinne Caracausa. Junior Kat Sutton also did some great work with coloring within the lines.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Game day against Lehigh! Without the seniors knowing, the underclassmen met up at the locker room earlier in the morning to make sure everything looked great for Senior Day. The team then came together at the dining hall for a 10:00 a.m. breakfast and started to mentally prepare for the game. When everyone ventured up to the locker room there were a lot of emotions, we knew no matter what this was the senior's last game on their home field. Though the score was not in our favor, it did not take into account the amount of heart that was displayed on the field. Our nine seniors have put an incredible amount of effort into the HC Women's Lacrosse program and we are extremely grateful for their dedication. Although the lacrosse team is losing nine seniors on the score sheet, we have created bonds on and off the field that will last a lifetime.

Go here to view photos of the Senior Day ceremony.

Go here for video of the Senior Day ceremony.

Go here to view photos from the Lehigh game.

Cassie Rudden


This week, senior Cassie Rudden writes about a week of practices and the victory over Bucknell.

Monday, April 4, 2011

We had Sunday off. Since we don't have a game during the week, and to celebrate our HUGE win against Navy, Coach gave us Monday off as well! We all used it to catch up on work and give our bodies a rest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today was a little rainy, but we still had a good practice. We worked on our shooting, defending the cutters and we got to scrimmage! After practice we watched highlights from our Navy game.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Before practice, Catherine Furman started to make the team purple bracelets out of shoelaces. Then, we headed outside and worked on our fast break and high 1-v-1's. We finished with another scrimmage!

Thursday, April 7, 20100

Before practice, we watched some film of Bucknell. Since one of the things our attackers need to work on is not shying away from contact, the defenders held football pads and hit the attackers as we went to goal. Everyone started to get a lot better and we had a lot of fun with it! After practice, we went into lift to maintain our strength. To end the day, Amy Martin, Annie Boylan, Katelyn Gettens, Meg O'Leary and I went to get breakfast for dinner at the Boulevard Diner!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today we only had practice for an hour, since we had to get on the bus to travel to Bucknell! We got delicious pizzas from Palace Pizza for dinner and met our new favorite bus driver, Bob. Even though it was a long trip, we watched a couple of movies and played some games to help the time go by faster. We got to the hotel late and I got to room with Christina Amendola!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday-Game Day! We started off with a scrumptious buffet brunch and then got back on the bus to go to the field. It was Bucknell's senior day, and they very kindly gave all nine of our seniors carnations! The game started a little slow, but we managed to tie the game up by half time. Our second half was much better, scoring eight unanswered goals. Maddie Carrellas led the way with three goals, while Kat Sutton, Kayla DiBari, Meg O'Leary and Taylor Zebrowski had two goals apiece. Kat had her 100th career point during the game, and has now scored at least a goal in 43 consecutive games! For the first time in our career, all nine seniors were on the field at the same time. It was a great preview for our senior game on Saturday against Lehigh!


Freshman Seton Hartnett writes about a week that featured a big victory over Navy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

While our loss to Colgate on Saturday was certainly a heartbreaker, we realized that our previous week of hard practices caused us to play as a team. Knowing this, the women's lacrosse team stepped onto the field with a renewed sense of intensity and hustle on this beautiful sunny Monday (the balmy 43 degrees gave me a bit of a suntan). After warming up our sticks and doing some conditioning, we worked on man-up and man-down situations. The layer drill was exhausting, especially for the midfielders, but we followed each other, knowing that today's hard work will pay off tomorrow. After 7v7, we finished practice with a fun, competitive ground ball competition. And against all odds, being the lowly freshman that I am, had a few lucky turns and won! We look forward to another day to prepare for our game against Vermont. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Practice before a game day is filled with the logistics; web do situational drills, 7v7 and go through all of our plays.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise and shine! Bus leaves at 8:45 a.m. to head to Vermont to the play the Catamounts. On the bus, we watched film, slept and some of us did school work. When we arrived at the field, we shot around for a bit to get rid of our bus legs, and then we got changed and warmed up for the big game. Kat Sutton extended her scoring streak to 41 games by scoring four goals, Taylor Zebrowski had three, and Kayla DiBari and Annie Boylan each had one goal. We were down at the half 8-3, but our hustle proved we were the better team in the second half, outscoring Vermont 6-2. But we ran out of time before we could put another goal in, and lost 10-9. While this certainly was a tough loss, we learned a lot and know what we can work on in order to beat Navy.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Navy time. Our focus now is to beat Navy. It is imperative that we win this game; if we don't, we lose our chance at the Patriot League tournament. We watched film of Navy and compared our stats to theirs. We came to the conclusion that beating Navy was a feasible task, not just a lofty dream. We practiced feeds into the 8, and protecting our sticks when taking a 1v1. To do this, we used the football pads. A defender would hit us with the pad, and then another defender would be ready for the check as we try to take the 1v1 to goal. This was an important thing to practice, and we certainly had fun doing it. After film and practice, we lifted as a team. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Noreaster today…April Fools! The expected snowstorm provided a few meager inches of snow, but the lacrosse team was not complaining. The upper turf was plowed in time to practice outdoors, so we warmed up with a passing drill, did 1v1s, practiced clears and draws to cage and ended with 7v7. We have one thing on our minds…beat Navy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game day. Sunny, not too cold, not too hot. Beautiful day for a victory. After a team breakfast at Kimball, we walked up to Hart to get ready. Excitement was in the air, and you could sense the adrenaline in everyone's bodies. Kat Sutton, extending her scoring streak, and Maddie Carrellas both had hat tricks, Annie Boylan contributed two goals, and Kayla DiBari, Meg O'Leary, and Sara Hennessy each scored once. For the entire game, Holy Cross and Navy were neck and neck, but Amy Martin's 13 saves were key to the Crusader victory. With five minutes left, Kayla ties the game. Two minutes later, Sara Hennessy is fed by Taylor Zebrowski and scores the game-winning goal!!! Go Cross! It was truly a great showing of lacrosse. This win was absolutely huge for us; Navy was ranked first in the Patriot League and was ranked high in numerous nationally statistical categories. I was so proud of the heart and hustle with which my teammates played.  It was a great day to be a Crusader.

View photos from the victory over Navy.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Hi Crusader fans! My name is Annie Boylan and I'm a senior midfielder from Andover, Mass. I'm writing about a big week coming up for us! It was a cold day for lacrosse, but that seems to be the weather forecast for the week—just no more snow please. We have a game tomorrow versus Bryant, and we're looking to have a good game to prepare for our second Patriot League game this coming Saturday versus Colgate. We worked a lot on shooting during this practice.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Game day!!! I have a full day of classes today, so it's kind of hard to concentrate, but definitely something to look forward to at the end of the day. It was again a chilly day for lacrosse, but at least it was sunny! 

It was a fast start to the game as Kat Sutton and Sara Hennessey both netted goals in the first minute. Then Maddie Carrellas scored again to push the score to 3-0. Bryant answered back, but Kat answered right back. Then we went on a run with goals from Maggie Reichenbach, Cassie Rudden and Maddie. At the half the score was 7-2. Bryant came in pretty aggressive in the second and pushed the score to 7-5 in the first five minutes. Caitie Shea answered back with a goal, but Bryant made it 8-7. I scored with 13 minutes left to make it 9-7 and Sara and Kayla DiBari also scored to have the final score be 11-8 at the end of the game. Kat extended her goal-scoring streak to 39 games today!!! Although we won, we still had some things to work on for Saturday. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today we worked a lot more on shooting and 8 meter shots. The weather this week is awful chilly, but everyone comes to practice ready to work. Colgate is going to be a huge game, so we're taking what we learned from yesterday's game and building on it. We watched film on ourselves today and definitely learned a lot. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I really wish the weather would be warmer. The sun is great, but the wind chill on the lower turf can be really brutal! I have a full day of class again, and I also have to squeeze in an individual lift in the morning. We worked on some full field drills during practice like draws and clears. We're connecting a lot better in the midfield and looking really great for Saturday! Everyone is bringing great intensity to practice and it is definitely exciting to see what potential we have as a team.

Friday, March 25, 2011

ONE MORE DAY! Today we went to practice very focused and ready to work hard. We worked on our defense and a few offensive plays. Everything is looking good and everyone is super excited for tomorrow. A bunch of us stayed after practice to ice bath and prepare for tomorrow. After this, the whole team went to Buca di Beppo for a team dinner! The restaurant put us in the upstairs room by ourselves and we had a bunch of smaller tables that we all split up in. Taylor Zebrowski, Christina Amendola, Corinne Caracausa and Tina Marino were all at my table and it was a great night! The menu started off with a mixed greens salad and Caesar salad with a lot of bread. Then pasta with marinara sauce, fettuccine alfredo and chicken parmigiana were served for the main course. The meal ended with delicious chocolate cake. Unfortunately, a lot of the girls gave up sweets on the team, but the rest of us enjoyed it!

Annie Boylan  Saturday, March 26, 2011

GAME DAY! This turns out to be the longest day of my life since the game is at 4:00 p.m. I woke up early and grabbed breakfast with roommates Amy Martin and Cassie Rudden. We went up as a team to have a shoot around at 11:00 a.m. The defense warmed up their sticks and also did a lot of footwork. The offense did multiple shooting drills and did a run through of our plays. We then stretched as a team and finished up by watching and cheering the boys' team on at noon versus Lehigh. At 1:00 p.m. we had team lunch in Kimball Dining Hall, warm up at 3 and game time at 4.

Colgate started off the game with the first goal, but Kat Sutton answered back immediately.  We were down 2-1, but went on a three goal run with goals from Taylor Zebrowski, Maddie Carrellas and myself. Colgate put in three more goals and Maddie scored her second goal of the game and it ended up 6-5 at the half. Maddie and Kayla DiBari scored our first goals of the half to make the game 7-7 after Colgate put in the first goal. It was tie game for most of the second half until Colgate put in five goals. Kayla scored one last goal to make the final score 12-8.

Go here to view photos from the Colgate game.

Although it was a frustrating loss, there were some positives to the game. We're connecting much better on attack and improving as a team. We're looking forward to Vermont on Wednesday and Navy on Saturday. We're really focused as a team and it'll be a good week for lacrosse! Thanks for reading, Crusader fans!


This week, freshman Maddie Parisi blogs about a busy week including the Crusaders' victory over Sacred Heart on the road.

Monday, March 14, 2011

After a day off, we were ready to hit the ground running and prepare for our next game in only two DAYS!!! We started out in the locker room to watch and analyze the last game we played against American. Even with the daylight savings time change and having a day full of classroom learning, we refrained from dozing off and put a solid two hours into film and practice. Everyone was chomping at the bit to get outside since this was our first practice on the field turf since last semester! I still cannot believe all the snow melted already. It was warmer than usual—despite the pre-practice flurries—and layers were shed early on at practice. We started practice with a new passing pattern that coach thought of, and after our sticks were warmed up, we jumped right into some drills and ended practice ripping shots from the 8 meter during a rapid fire drill.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!! We face Brown tomorrow and everyone is all fired up and brought the excitement and energy to practice. We really focused on long passes and working the ball around the field quickly and effectively. We did a lot of situational drills like a 4v3, 7v7 and 2v2. Everyone was really pushing each other and being super aggressive. Mary Milley was a double threat while being aggressive on defense and in the fashion department as she was sporting the classic summer lax outfit consisting of the pinnie and shorts. I'm off to bed to rest up for our second Ivy League game of the season. Just a few more hours till game day, ohh yeah!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game day is FINALLY here!! The rain and clouds failed to lower our spirits as we boarded the bus on our way to Providence, R.I. Aside from getting slightly lost in the city, it was a quick and enjoyable drive. We knew going into this game that we were facing yet another tough competitor, and despite our valiant efforts, we fell to the Brown Bears 13-6. Meg O'Leary recorded four beautiful goals and an assist, and Kat Sutton put two goals on the scoreboard for us. Brown really made us work for our shots, and despite their formidable defense we were able to out shoot them. The shots were struggling to find the back of the net. Our defense worked really hard and Sara Cox had a couple of great caused turnovers and transition plays. The game was a learning experience that further motivates us to take 'it' to the Sacred Heart Pioneers this Saturday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Saint Patrick's Day here on the hill, and it seems like spring is here! After a wonderful morning in the library with Caroline Pedlow and Julie Murphy, it was time to practice. There was a lot of intensity at practice which carried over as we went off to lift. Even though it was an unload week, everyone definitely felt stronger. Spirits—as always—were high during lift as we cheered each other on and listened to a bumping playlist! And the countdown begins again—TWO MORE DAYS!!!!

Friday , March 18, 2011

Today's practice really focused on game strategies. We spent a lot of time working on controlling our transitions and a settled 7v7. Immediately following a solid practice, Kayla DiBari, Caitie Shea, Annie Boylan and Amy Martin surprised everyone with some sweet tie-dye shirts with the word 'team' painted on the front. Everyone got really creative when it came to decorating the shirts and they all came out AMAZING!! Look out Sacred Heart, HCWLAX is coming to town...and we've got tie-dye!!!!

Amendola Family

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So today we played Sacred Heart….AND WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone did so well, and I've got to give shout-outs to Maggie Reichenbach for casually and calmly scoring her two goals today (first goals in her college career!!!), Meg O'Leary for making her 100th career point while putting one in the back of the net and assisting twice (in addition to having five caused turnovers and four crucial draw controls), and Kayla DiBari for having a spectacular career best game with four goals and an assist. Our hard work on our transition game in practice definitely paid off since we had a 0.941 success rate on our clears. Kat Sutton continued her scoring streak to 38 games, and Amy Martin made HUGE saves that really kept the momentum of the game in our favor. The entire defense was aggressive and resilient, and everyone was rewarded after with some delicious five star food from Christina Amendola's family's restaurant. From the penne alla vodka to the chicken parmesan, it was scrumdiddlyumptious.

Sunday, March 19, 2011

Today's our day off before we start to prepare for our next game on Tuesday where we will don our white uniforms in our first game this season played on the lower field turf. Spirits are sky high and we are looking forward to continuing our winning streak for many games to come. I checked out the Holy Cross Women's Lacrosse facebook page today at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Holy-Cross-Womens-Lacrosse/178682428842582 and looked at some of the sweet pictures that are constantly being uploaded. Make sure that you like the page so you can get updates and follow the team. Wow these past seven days just flew right by! Can't wait for another fun filled week of lacrosse we have coming up!!!


This week, junior Caitie Shea blogs about the team's week in Florida and Washington, D.C.

Monday, March 7, 2011

After a day of fun at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure on our day off, we got back into the swing of lacrosse with two a day practices. We started early Monday morning, although it was a little hazy, we got in a good practice. We worked on clears, doubling, ground balls and 7v7. We began to look towards our next game verse UConn and started to look into their game strategy. According to Coach, Sarah Daly was being quite a dump that morning. After our first practice we got lunch and headed back to the field to watch the UConn versus BC game, to scout out the competition! BC won 11-8, beating UConn's defensive unit for a few goals in the last 10-15 minutes. Once the game was over, we jumped into our own practice, and again worked on preparing for our game against UConn. After practice we all got showered up and headed to dinner at Houlihans! The Asian ChopChop was a team favorite! We also got a special treat from Mr. & Mrs. Sutton and Mr. & Mrs. Boylan, DESSERT! Once we got back from dinner, we watched film on UConn! It was a lacrosse-filled day and we were all wiped out and went to sleep!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We had a 9:00 a.m. pregame practice in the sunny Florida weather! We practiced draws, shooting and defending the cutters. It was so sunny and we all didn't realize how sun burnt we got! After practice we had a free afternoon, so we walked to the Big Kahuna's for lunch and then went swimming! It was so nice; it felt like a real spring break vacation! That night, the Furman Family treated us to dinner at Gators Dockside, where we filled up on quesadillas, nachos, sliders and salad. It was Fat Tuesday so we all ate up! At dinner we learned a new team song, "Cheddar Cheese and Pumpkin Pie", thanks to Caroline Pedlow! For dessert we had a create your own sundae bar! A lot of the girls on the team were planning on giving up sweets for lent, so it was our last chance to indulge for 40 days! No more sweets! Ahh!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's GAME day! Everyone was pumped up for the game and eager to outplay UConn, since we lost to them by one goal the past two years. Kat Sutton put in the first goal of her two goals and of the game, giving Holy Cross a starting lead. Taylor Zebrowski scored three goals, while Maddie Carrellas and I scored one. We played strong defensively and came back from a trailing halftime score but didn't have enough time to complete the game on the winning side. The final score was UConn 11, Holy Cross 7. After the game we had a team meeting to regroup and regain control in order to prepare for our FIRST PATRIOT LEAGUE GAME! Coach said she is ready to do whatever it takes to improve our game, including chest bumps! It was our last day in Florida and we were a little bummed to be heading home to the chilly Worcester weather.

Go here for photos of the game versus UConn.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back home, we had another full day of lacrosse. We started out with practice, which was a little chilly, but we got in a lot of stick work and shooting to improve our accuracy and shot selection. We practiced hard, knowing we had a huge game coming up on Saturday and we wanted to be as prepared as we could. After practice we went to lift and got in a solid session strengthening our legs and arms. Once lift was over we had some free time to unpack from Florida, do laundry and repack for our trip to D.C.! At 8:00 p.m. we all went to Meredith Stevens' house to watch film on American. Then a bunch of us got pizzas and ate dinner while watching Megamind!

Friday, March 11, 2011

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY KAT! Our day began early at 8:00 a.m. when we got on the bus to head to Providence Airport. We had an easy ride into BWI and headed straight to the field to practice from the airport. We worked on 1v1, defending the cutters and draws. After practice we showered up and got back in the vans and headed to Mary Milley's house on Fort Meyers! We got a little lost on the way and got a nice tour of Washington D.C., as we saw the Pentagon, the Washington Monument and Arlington National Cemetery, which is in Milley's backyard!! We got a tour of Milley's house and there were so many awesome things to see, we walked around like it was a museum! We had an awesome soup and salad bar for dinner! We then sang to Kat for her birthday and those of us on the team had to try to avoid eating one of Mrs. Milley's awesome cupcakes! Our team made a new rule for lent, when we win we can have a free sweet at the tailgate and everyone was on board! We also had another surprise at the team dinner; our teammate Cami Thompson who is abroad studying at Oxford University was home on spring break and came to eat dinner with us! We watched film and got pumped up for our game!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

IT'S GAME DAY!! It was our first Patriot League Game against American today! We were all really excited throughout warm up and ready to take the field. American started out the game with a goal but Taylor Zebrowski scored to tie the game up. American led at halftime 4-1. We came back to tie it up in the second half with two goals from Meg O'Leary and one from Kat Sutton. Our goalie Amy Martin made eight saves but unfortunately we lost 7-4.  After the game we headed back to Worcester.

Go here for photos of the game versus American.

Sunday March 13, 2011

Today is our day off. We used the day to rest our bodies and prepare for a challenging week at practice. We are all ready to prove ourselves at practice and work extra hard to improve areas where it is necessary. It is also the last day of spring break and classes resume tomorrow, so we used the day to prepare ourselves to get back into the swing of things.


This week, sophomores Maddie Carrellas and Sarah Daly team up to blog about the third week of the season, including the start of the team's trip to Florida.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyone's still pretty pumped up after our win against Yale, but there is still a lot of work to do for tomorrow's game against Fairfield. Due to the weather and the snow still on the field we practiced in the field house and our main focus was stick skills and shooting. We worked on placement of our shots and coach called out numbers that represented positions in the net and we had to hit them. Our defense has remained pretty solid so coach had everyone work on our attack movement and even the defense practiced shooting. After practice we went up to Hart and went over what we should expect from Fairfield and what we needed to do to be successful. We were having technological difficulties in our locker room, so we got to go to the Bud Ryan room to watch film, what a treat! Coach told us that if we messed up the room for the coaches' meeting the following morning, she'd be really mad, and who wants the get their coach mad? We made sure to be extra neat! One day until game day! GET FIRED UP!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today is our first away game at Fairfield! There's not much to say about the game but Kat Sutton finished the game with three goals, extending her goal scoring streak to 33 games. Meg O'Leary and Taylor Zebrowski each scored one goal and Cassie Rudden rounded out the points with one assist. Unfortunately we lost 14-5 but have decided to not talk about this day for the rest of our season. No further comments.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

After what seemed like forever, we finally have a day off! We have reached the halfway mark of the week and there is only one more day that we are able to practice on our home field before we will be in ORLANDO, FLORIDA practicing in much warmer weather. We used this day to catch up on some much needed sleep and work on recovering our legs so we could have two very productive days of practice before our next big game in FLORIDA on Saturday. Did we mention that we were headed to Florida for spring break yet?!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday couldn't have come at a better time. We would be leaving at 8:00 a.m. on Friday so Thursday meant we were done with classes and it meant SPRING BREAKKK. We knew that BC had a specific style of play so in practice we really focused on how to shut down their attack and how to beat their pressure ride in the midfield. We also worked on our plays on attack because we knew they had an aggressive defense that doubles the ball. Coach told us that practice would be short and sweet because we needed to watch film to prepare for the game on Saturday. Although this practice was short, by the end we felt very accomplished and ready to take on BC.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today was a very long day. Our day began at 8:00 a.m. when we departed from the Hart Center and headed to Logan Airport. This time we were extra careful, making sure that we all had our licenses because last year a certain someone, who will remain unnamed, thought that we could board the plane with our HC ID's. The plane ride was quite eventful. Our entire plane consisted of our team, the enemy, the BC women's lacrosse team, and the Clark baseball team. Some of us were even lucky enough to get a seat sandwiched between two baseball boys! Needless to say we made a lot of new friends on the plane ride. As soon as we arrived in Florida, flip flops and shorts were broken out, and we piled into three vans and were headed to our hotel. After a half hour of turn around time we got back into the vans to have our final practice before BC at the National Training Center in Orlando. It was 6:00 p.m. and we were still able to practice in shorts and t-shirts. What a nice change from Worcester weather! At practice we continued to build on the stuff we worked on from Thursday's practice, focusing especially on breaking BC's zone in the midfield and footwork for 1 v 1 defense.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

GAME DAY! Everyone was really excited about facing a top 20 team to show them what Holy Cross was made of. We started off the game strong scoring the first goal with a snipe from Kat Sutton. The intensity in the first half of the game remained high as our defense had good body positioning by keeping their feet moving. We headed into halftime trailing BC 5-3, ready to push ourselves even further in the second half. There was a period of time in this half where we struggled to keep the ball in our offensive end, thus allowing BC to score a few unanswered goals. Towards the end of the game, we pulled it together and were able to go on a scoring run of our own. Unfortunately, this happened a little later than we would have like and we wished we had more time on the clock. Six different people on our team contributed to our seven points of the game as the final score was 12-7 in BC's favor. Following the game we had a long pep talk getting pumped up for two hard days of practice so we could play OUR game against UCONN on Wednesday. We headed back to the hotel for a tailgate and a few people even took a nice dip in the pool.

Go here to view photos from the team's game versus Boston College.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our day off! Excited for an early start, headed to UNIVERSAL STUDIOSSSSS!!!. Instead of boring you Women's Lacrosse fans with our blogging, we will let our pictures from the day do the talking….As you can tell we shared many memories and laughs, soaking up the Florida sun.

Go here to view photos from the team's trip to Universal Studios.

Sara Hennessey & Maggie Reichenbach


This week, freshmen Sara Hennessey and Maggie Reichenbach team up to describe a week full of practices and two games.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2011 (Sara)

After our day off on Sunday everyone was really excited to get practicing on Monday to get ready for UNH on Wednesday. After such a close game against UMass everyone seems really pumped up to beat UNH so our practice went well! We did a lot of 3vs.2's and worked a lot on our defense today at practice. Having played UNH in one of our fall-ball tournaments we are able to practice specific things that we know they will throw at us Wednesday! 2 days!!

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2011 (Sara)

ONE DAY until UNH! The intensity from yesterday's practice was definitely present today at practice as well. UMass was such a motivating game for us that we all can't wait to have another opportunity to prove that we are a great team. Today at practice we really tried to focus on getting the fundamentals of throwing and catching to be perfect. We also worked on full field clears and draws to cage today. We are really looking to be powerful in the midfield and win a lot of clears to maintain possession of the game tomorrow. It was really chilly today at practice and we are hoping it will warm up for our game tomorrow!!!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2011 (Maggie)

Today we had our second game against UNH.  We were all excited to be on our home field and take out our frustration from the past and use it to get pumped to play UNH. Even though we were down by three at halftime, our offense was quick to respond. Taylor Zebrowski scored off a free-position shot, followed by Meg O'Leary and Annie Boylan shortly after, which tied the game at 5-5. The defense put up a good fight against UNH's offense; our defense was patient against their long possessions and came up with some great turnovers. Even though the game ended not how we wanted it to, we can't keep our heads down. We will learn from our mistakes from this game and use it to fuel us for our next game against Yale. Of course our game was followed by a wonderful tailgate where many of us met our parents and friends. Corinne's mom made a fantastic salad with strawberries that went out pretty fast. Yummmmmm!

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011 (Maggie)

Today's practice was productive and fun! We first worked on passing the ball with pressure on us and then worked on goalie clears. After that, we split into groups. Half of us worked on eight-meter shots while the other half of us worked on going hard to goal. Trish and Mike blocked us with football pads as we took the ball to goal, which caused many great laughs but also taught us to protect the ball with our cradle, going to cage with speed, and getting quick shots. We ended practice with learning a few new plays and went through them to make sure we all understood them. After a big ball search deep into the snow bank our team headed off to lift. Brit, our lift coach, reminded us that since we are in season we should just maintain the muscle that we've built over time. The weight room is always giving off a great vibe, with our team cheering each other on, the music pumping, and knowing that you're getting stronger.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2011 (Sara)

ONE DAY until YALE! Motivation to get a victory under our belt is at an all-time high! Coach always tells us that we will play as we practice so we really focused today at practice to play with intensity and confidence. Because of the typical Worcester weather we were forced to start practice indoors and get our stick work done inside. After stick work we watched film to prepare for the game tomorrow. We watched film to see what our weaknesses were from the previous game and looked to correct them for the next game. After film we headed outside and did a lot of 7vs.7. Since it was so cold and windy out we only spent a short time outside and got done what we had to in order to prepare for Yale. It would be so great to beat an Ivy League team!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2011 (Maggie)

Today we played Yale AND WE WONNN! We are all so excited because this is the first time in four years that we have beaten an Ivy League team. We won because of our hustle, improved shooting accuracy, and team work. Sara Hennessey started off the game with three goals, her second career hat-trick. Cassie Rudden also had three goals. Taylor Zebrowski, Annie Boylan, and Kat Sutton all scored two goals. Our defense contributed to our win by causing turnovers and getting the ball out to our midfielders. Congrats to Amy Martin who recorded her 500th career save!!! Also, Sarah Weber was two-for-two in saves as she came into the game with 12 minutes left. We played really well as a team, but we learned that we must minimize our mistakes when we are tired and stay in control. Our game was followed by a delicious tailgate! At the tailgate Christina Amendola reunited with her sister who plays for Yale. It was a great game, great tailgate, and great day.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011 (Maggie)

Practice was in the field house today because the turf was covered in snow from last night. It was a very productive practice; we did many drills on stick work and drills that focused on catching and throwing. We ended practice with a lot of shooting. We are really trying to improve our shooting percentage. We have started to focus on things that we need to work onto overcome our next opponent, Fairfield. It was a great practice; hopefully we can get back out on the turf tomorrow!


Happy Monday Crusader Fans and welcome to the wonderful world of Women's Lacrosse!

My name is Amy Martin and I'm a senior goalie on the Women's Lacrosse team here at Holy Cross. Back by popular demand this season, my teammates and I will be updating this weekly blog to let you know the goings on of the team! So check back every week for a new entry right here on www.goholycross.com.

Amy Martin


Happy Valentines Day Everyone! We had a great practice today-we did lots of 7v7 and worked quite a bit on our defense. Everyone is getting really excited about Wednesday and we can't believe how quickly it is approaching. This pre-season has really flown by and we can't believe how fast 19 days has turned into two days. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice this week so we're definitely looking forward to a break from all the snow and cold temps we've been having… you should see the snow banks up at the turf, it quite literally looks like we're playing in an igloo…


Holy Moley, tomorrow is our first game!! We had a good practice again today, walking through several of our plays working on a lot of 7v7. After practice we headed back into the locker room and got our uniforms. As always it's always such a big thrill to get our uniforms. It really is a tangible sign that the season is underway! After getting our uniforms Julie Murphy, Kayla DiBari and I ran out to pick up Olive Garden as we were having a team pasta party to get ready for tomorrow and talk about our team goals. After some delicious pasta and breadsticks we all came together to talk about our individual and team goals for the season.

A word that kept coming out of everyone's mouth for the team was "Hustle." For us that word embodies focus, drive and desire to work hard for one another. I think this word will prove to be a touchstone for us this season and a source of motivation. After one more cheer, we all headed home to finish up our work and get some rest. ONE DAY!


Ah, the big day has finally arrived! Whenever we see each other on campus we keep asking, "How many days till UMASS?" The answer? "ZERO DAYS!" There is so much excitement in the air that it's hard to sit still in class; everyone is just so excited for three o'clock to roll around.

There's no doubt that the hardest losses to take are one goal losses, especially those in overtime. We put up a good fight today and came back to erase a four goal deficit from the first half to lead with just over a minute left in the game. But unfortunately UMass got a free position with just under a minute to go to knot the score at 10 all, forcing overtime. Despite putting up a good fight UMass took the edge in this one putting up one goal in the first half of overtime and then an open net goal with :01 on the clock. Although this was most certainly not the outcome we were hoping or working for, we were encouraged with the effort that we put for to make our come back. Today UMass held the mental edge and we understand that our mental errors must be corrected in order to accomplish our goals this season.

However, there were some very exciting moments in today's game. Freshman Sara Hennessey started off her career at Holy Cross with a bang, recording three goals in her debut. This is the highest number of goals recorded by a freshman in her first game since 1996! Way to go Henny! Sophomore Maddie Carrellas also had a great day as she put up a hat trick too. Junior Kat Sutton put away one goal extending her scoring streak to 30 games. Keep shooting Kitty! Sophomore Taylor Zebrowski and senior Cassie Rudden each put up two points, recording a goal and assist respectively. Seniors Meg O'Leary recorded one goal and Annie Boylan put up an assist and grabbed four draw controls.

There is so much promise in this team and we can't wait to put all our pieces together. As usual we had a great tailgate and it was good to see our families. Thank you again parents for always providing us with encouragement and plenty to eat!


Today was our day off but all of us took sometime on this beautiful afternoon (Shorts and t-shirt weather! Unreal!) for extra shooting practice and to hit the wall. Looking forward to more beautiful weather tomorrow.


Another beautiful day here on the hill! Can't believe that snow banks surround us but we're in our shorts and t-shirts! What a great feeling to have a break from the clouds and snow! We worked a lot on shooting and defending the cutter and at the end of practice we did some fun team relay sprints. Afterwards some of us worked concessions and watched a little bit of the guy's hockey game. They're currently riding a seven game win streak! Keep it up Men's Hockey!!


Today was National Women's in Sports Day! We got to attend the women's basketball game and hosted a clinic for the women's lacrosse team from the Marianopolis School in Connecticut. Afterwards we had practice in the very windy weather! Tomorrow we have the day off and we are all looking forward to completing a lot of work and getting in some extra stick work on our own!

Well thanks for tuning in this week Crusader fans, keep watching for more exciting entries from my fellow teammates!

Peace in Your Crease and GO CROSS!

-#30 Amy




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