Women's Rowing Winter Training Trip Blog: Day 2

Holy Cross Athletics   01-17-2018

TAMPA, Fla. - In the second edition of the women's rowing winter training trip blog, Kate Hegermiller spoke about the team's second day in Tampa:

"What a beautiful day to be rowing! Today in Tampa the temperature reached the high 60s, which allowed for a perfect second day!

After an early breakfast, the team headed to the launch site. Upon arriving, we quickly got started on a land workout, comprised of sprints, squats, lunges, burpees, and many other soreness-inducing exercises. The circuit was hard, but it was okay, because we were doing it together. Having the ability to work out as a team over break is my favorite thing about the training trip. Getting stronger together is way better than doing it by yourself. After we worked up a nice sweat, we started our morning row. We practiced in two eights and a pair. Being my first practice back with the team, it was a great feeling to be in the swing of the boat, and it reminded me how much I love rowing!

We broke for lunch, most of the girls ate by the pool, enjoying every minute of this beautiful weather. Then by three in the afternoon, we were back on the water. For the afternoon practice, we took out three fours and two pairs. We had four first year rowers in the pairs, and they did awesome! Both boats were able to stay dry, a feat that I was unable to accomplish my first time in a pair. In the fours, we applied the technique we worked on this morning, and competed in some pieces. It felt great to bring full pressure to the boat again, and it made me long for our future spring races. Also, during the afternoon practice we had our first alligator sighting!

After a hearty dinner, we walked back to the hotel in the warm Florida air. And finally, after all were showered and clean, to conclude the night we munched on some snacks, as we went over video from today’s practices. Overall today was a great day, and I am looking forward to what tomorrow will bring."

--Go ‘Saders--




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