Women's Rowing Winter Training Trip Blog: Day 4

Holy Cross Athletics   01-19-2018

TAMPA, Fla.Victoria Magnozzi wrote about the women's rowing team's fourth day in Tampa

"Ok, so this cold weather in Florida...Hate it because I'm trying to return to campus a little bronze, but this morning the cold came in CLUTCH providing us with a "late" start at 8:25! Naturally, I woke up at 8:18 to get the most of the much needed sleep as possible.

So! Well rested and freezing, we had a great morning practice! The water was flat, the boats were moving, and there was positive energy (must say I was surprised with this due to the freezing weather but kudos to us for keeping the positivity alive!) Also, shoutout to the Holy Cross men's team for taking out all four of the unnaturally heavy launches. Chivalry is not dead!

We all got back to the hotel around 11:30 a.m. and laid in our beds for three and a half hours, giving our bodies some much-needed rest. Caroline blessed me with a Starbucks coffee so neither she nor I got to nap but we rested while she educated herself on the world via E! News and Buzzfeed on Snapchat while I, of course, was playing design home (best app ever- download it!)

Afternoon practice was productive but painful as many of us including myself were in pairs. We certainly improved on our technique, but potentially at the cost of a paralyzing my back. All in all, good day! I will personally credit this good day to the fact that we finally rose after the sun this good morn'."

--Go ‘Saders--




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