Women's Rowing Winter Training Trip Blog: Day 6

Holy Cross Athletics   01-21-2018

TAMPA, Fla. - In the final day of the women's rowing winter training trip, captains Caroline Quinn and Tessie Salatas reflect on the last day of the trip.

"Last One Fast One!

We got up at 6:27 a.m. today to leave our hotel at 6:45 for our last row on the water. We saw each other in the elevator on the way down. We were greeted by a high school regatta, and several very friendly and attentive parking directors with flash lights directing us to our parking spots.

The men’s team helped us out once again and put the motors on our launches! The launches were put in the water and we brought our oars down to join the throng of high schoolers gearing up for their impending 1,500m race. We did our dynamic warm up facing the beautiful sunrise over the Tampa airport.

We brought out our two eights, and did several 4 minute pieces on the water. It was not too cold (especially compared to yesterday morning) which made for some great rowing conditions! Our pieces progressively got better as practice went on, much like our week as a whole. We have truly made #gainz

Practice wrapped up and we took our last #TensinTampa. Our coxswains masterfully directed our boats through the chaotic high school traffic and we docked safely. We proceeded to take the coach boats out and wash our equipment. We packed up the trailer, thus concluding our training trip… HOWEVER!

3/4ths of our lovely coaching staff, a handful of teammates, and the two of us scheduled a 7:30 PM flight back to Boston, so we have had a while to become familiar with Gate A of the Tampa International Airport. Needless to say, we have had quite a few adventures in the past 6 hours! A quick recap:

One of us dropped her phone in a bathroom sink full of water and did not attempt to turn it on until mentally ready of the possibility of it being gone forever. Nevertheless, it was safe.

One of us somehow made it through airport security with six carry ons, one being an open bag of popcorn.

Which author conducted which shenanigan will remain a mystery.

Thank you to our coaches, families, and alumni for this opportunity,


Captains Caroline and Tessie"

--Go ‘Saders--




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