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Holy Cross Athletics   02-22-2018
The team getting a good stretch in before practice!
Our upperclassmen after a great practice!
Sophomore Juliana Kubler wearing her hard hat for the week!
Beautiful day to start off practice with some fun handball.
A fabulous senior day calls for some fabulous, delicious cake!
Alumni came out to support us at our game against BU!
Beautiful day for a great practice on the Hill!
The team working hard at practice!
Mid game susnsets and pep talks to pump us up!
Senior Julia Maloney enjoying the sunset after a great practice!
The team getting hyped up before a big win over Bucknell! 
Freshman Meredith Strott getting in some wall ball.
Some of the girls getting in some extra stick skills to prep for practice!
Sophomore Emma Gill always ready to play.
The team at The Contemplative Center.
Sophomore Maggie Moriarty working on her stick skills. 
Sophomores Riley Bergholtz, Emma Gill, Audrey Mandaro, and Caroline Wenners after the big win over Army!
The team getting ready to take on Army under the clouds!
Some of the team ready to watch film.
Sophomore Maggie Moriarty getting in wall ball before practice!
Sophomore Maggie Funk working on her stick skills with wall ball!
Beautiful skies before pre-game warm up.
The team excited to watch film!
Enjoying the warm weather before pre-game practice! 
Strolling through the town of DeLand with some of the sophomores!
A scenic pic from our spring break trip!

The team preparing for takeoff!
Beautiful day at practice to prepare for UVM!
 Getting better under the lights at practice #WeWill
Some of team watching film! 
The freshmen and sophomores getting in a good Kimball breakfast before practice. 
Freshman SYdney Brant (front) and Emily Culbertson (back) working hard in Dinand! 
Freshmen Emily Culbertson (left) and Mairead Anderson (right) enjoying the snow in front of Fenwick!
Some of the team getting in extra reps of wall-ball before practice! #WeWill
Sophomore Audrey Mandaro working on her stick skills with wall-ball!

The sophomores supporting our men's basketball team! 

(Top L-R: Maggie Moriarty, Emma Gill, Kara McDuffee, Riley Bergholtz,

Julian Kubler, and Maggie Funk)




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