Women's Rowing Winter Training Trip Blog: Day 3

Holy Cross Athletics   01-18-2018

TAMPA, Fla. - In the third edition of the women's rowing winter training trip blog, Tyler Sparling reflected on day three.

"I had a quick breakfast with my roommate Mary Elizabeth before heading out on our morning row. It was so foggy heading off the docks that we couldn’t even see the other boat! With visibility so impaired, we stuck to technique, focusing on our form on the drive and our power application.

As the sun started to come up and the fog started to lift, Coach Maggie Diggins got some really cool pictures on the water. One photo that we posted on instagram was even reposted by US Rowing! Go check it out and give @hcrosswrowing a follow while you’re there!

We broke for lunch and a lift created by Mary Elizabeth! We went in five groups of four, practically taking over the hotel gym as we made some lunch time #gainz. After a killer circuit, some ladies squeezed in a few rays by the pool and others fit in a nap before the afternoon session.

The afternoon weather was much better for pieces and moving fast. After both a land and water warmup, we started off with a really long piece. Some practices Coach Diggins likes to test our mental toughness by not telling us how long pieces are, and test us it did! We followed that piece with a 12 minute piece and a 6 minute piece before heading in. Getting off the water, the coaches gave us a quick homework assignment to write down what we were thinking during each of the last two pieces for our team meeting later.

After dinner, we met as a team and went around the room saying what we felt and thought in each piece. It was a great opportunity to be candid with each other and also let each other know what we think our boats need to improve on. After the whole team meeting, the rowers and coxswains had some team bonding! Captain Caroline Quinn loves improv and had a couple games in mind.

We started off with a monologue riff-off, telling true stories one after another, as inspiration strikes us. It was a great way to get to know more about each other and to share some funny stories. Level two of this game was a singing riff-off, much like in Pitch Perfect. While I was skeptical at first, the whole team was soon laughing and singing songs from all genres of music and decades! Around 10:00 p.m., we all went up to bed to get some much needed sleep after a few hard days of training. "

--Go ‘Saders--




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