Women's Lacrosse Seniors Reflect On Their Four Years At Holy Cross

Holy Cross Athletics   05-04-2011
Holy Cross Athletics

Hey Crusader Fans!!

Although our season has been over for just over a week now, the seniors wanted to take some time to talk about their favorite moments throughout their four years here. We hope you enjoy our own personal trips down memory lane, as you will see it was very difficult to pick just one aspect of our careers to share with you, we have all been very lucky to have had careers full of memories….

#11 Meg O'Leary: It is extremely hard to pick out the best memory over the last four years because there are too many to choose from. Two of the biggest wins for us in the last four years was the sophomore year win against Lehigh on our senior day and our win against Navy this year. Both were one-goal games that went down to the wire and were probably the two games that I had the most fun playing in. Another favorite memory of mine was when Milley failed miserably with a behind the back shot and by accident hit coach in the head....but it took Milley over a year to confess to coach that it was her ;)

#4 Maryalice Gill: One of my favorite lacrosse memories was our Halloween practice during fall ball this year. Trish decided to reinstate this tradition from her days as an HCWLAX player, and we were all challenged to wear costumes to the field that we could still physically practice in. I'll never forget how dazzling Caroline Pedlow and Christina Amendola looked in their pastel leotards and tu-tus, or watching Taylor Zebrowski and Tina Marino lax it up as Batman and Robin. There were also two coach Ridolfi imitators on the field that day--Kayla DiBari and Meredith Stevens--and Kat Sutton played up her sisterly love and good looks by sporting Trish's college number and stats for the night. For me, it was hard to see the field wearing my long locks down as part of my Tom Brady costume, but I still could not take my eyes off the hilarity of everyone doing suicides in their costumes - especially Sara Hennessey in her full body Cheetah cat suit. Just because we looked ridiculous, that practice was still somehow wicked serious and competitive!

 #24 Mary Milley: I absolutely loved spending spring break in Florida with the team.  I think rooming with three other girls on the team, having the free time to head to the pool after practice, and having the opportunity to spend a day at Disney brought the team closer.

#23 Katelyn Gettens: Although it is hard to choose just one, my favorite moment was beating Navy this season. Our team showed our true potential that day and it was amazing to see our hard work and 60 full minutes of great play pay off. The fan support was incredible and all of our friends and family were there to share in the excitement with us!

#19 Julie Murphy: My all time favorite lacrosse moment was sophomore year when we played Lehigh in our last home game of the season. My teammate and close friend Kelly Casey had her first career start as a senior and had the most amazing game of her life. Not only did she score the game winning goal in sudden death double overtime, but she stood as an inspiration to the entire team. I will always remember watching Kelly score four perfect goals as the entire bench went wild, giving every other girl on the field the motivation to WIN!

#5 Meredith Stevens: Out of all the great memories I have with HCWLax from these past four years, I would say my favorite was last year on senior day when we beat American to go to the Patriot League Tournament! I don't think I've ever seen our entire team so energetic and fired up. It was awesome and definitely a moment I will carry with me long after graduation.

#8 Cassie Rudden: I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to play lacrosse for four years. This team has given me so many wonderful memories. I will never forget the bus rides, lift and conditioning workouts, team meals, hotel roommates, big wins and heartbreaking losses. One of my favorite memories from this year was the trip to Florida, especially visiting Universal Studios, and even though we didn't beat BC, we played great against a top-20 team.

#10 Annie Boylan: One of the most memorable and meaningful parts of my HCWLAX career is my freshman year. I came in as a walk on and was fighting for a spot and I remember preseason was one of the hardest parts of the year for me. I was working hard during practice and a sophomore who was injured on the team (Laurie) sent me an e-mail telling me how great I was doing and to keep up the hard work. It was a small gesture like that that kept me going and taught me what it meant to be on this team. 

#30 Amy Martin: Over the course of four years a thousand different moments stick out to me both big and little. I have loved the big wins, been motivated by the one goal losses, will always remember the first games, overtime wins, max out days in the weight room and the team dinners in Kimball afterwards. But for me one of the most defining moments of HCWLAX was last year when we were playing in the first round of the Patriot League Tournament against and at Lehigh. It was the first time most of us had been to the tournament and everything felt like it was moving a million miles an hour. We had played at Lehigh once before during the season and knew that the first song on their warm up CD was "All I Do Is Win." As we finished our warm up lap and were stretching the line of the song, "Everybody's hands go up," came on and without even thinking twice or talking about it, every single one of my teammates hands went up. For me this was a moment showing only how badly we wanted to win, but also the electrifying unspoken bond between all of us. Although we lost the game by one point, it was a moment that I will never forget and a moment that I always retreated to when I ever needed motivation to keep working hard for my teammates.

From the bottom of our hearts, the senior class wishes to thank our coaches, trainers, families and most importantly our teammates (past and present) for four amazing and unforgettable years.

Love and Go Cross ALWAYS,





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