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2010-2011 Women's Basketball Holy Cross Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 05, 2011) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YALE 11/12/10 71-74 L 18-Lepley,Amy 11-Lepley,Amy 7-Fremeau,Whitn 3-May,Alyssa None at Connecticut 11/14/10 37-117 L 12-Smith,Alex 5-Malone, Brisj 3-Smith,Alex 1-Malone, Brisj None Lepley,Amy Fremeau,Whitn at Quinnipiac 11/17/10 72-60 W 20-Fremeau,Whitn 12-Lepley,Amy 6-Lepley,Amy 4-Malone, Brisj 1-Fremeau,Whitn Lepley,Amy Ward,Meredith at Fordham 11/20/10 36-67 L 10-Ward,Meredith 8-Ganser,Christ 2-Smith,Alex 4-Lepley,Amy None Cole,Kaitlin NEW HAMPSHIRE 11/23/10 78-67 W 16-Fremeau,Whitn 9-Lepley,Amy 7-Lepley,Amy 5-Smith,Alex None Smith,Alex HARVARD 11/28/10 72-53 W 17-Ward,Meredith 9-May,Alyssa 6-Ward,Meredith 3-Lepley,Amy 1-Hamner,Kelly Fremeau,Whitn May,Alyssa CENTRAL CONNECTICUT 12/01/10 65-68 OL 15-Smith,Alex 7-Lepley,Amy 3-May,Alyssa 3-Lepley,Amy None Fremeau,Whitn Ward,Meredith MAINE 12/03/10 79-69 W 21-Smith,Alex 5-Cole,Kaitlin 5-Malone, Brisj 3-May,Alyssa 1-Lepley,Amy Smith,Alex Smith,Alex Lepley,Amy Ganser,Christ BOSTON COLLEGE 12/08/10 64-98 L 16-Fremeau,Whitn 4-May,Alyssa 4-Ward,Meredith 2-Fremeau,Whitn 1-May,Alyssa Fremeau,Whitn Smith,Alex Lepley,Amy Lepley,Amy at Bryant 12/19/10 47-59 L 14-Smith,Alex 7-Ganser,Christ 5-Ward,Meredith 5-Smith,Alex 1-Malone, Brisj May,Alyssa at Northeastern 12/21/10 65-76 L 22-Smith,Alex 6-Ganser,Christ 5-May,Alyssa 2-Ganser,Christ 1-May,Alyssa Ward,Meredith Smith,Alex vs ETSU 12/28/10 68-90 L 16-Smith,Alex 8-May,Alyssa 6-Fremeau,Whitn 3-Ward,Meredith 4-May,Alyssa vs North Carolina A&T 12/29/10 62-75 L 14-Lepley,Amy 4-Lepley,Amy 3-May,Alyssa 3-May,Alyssa 1-Cole,Kaitlin Fremeau,Whitn Smith,Alex Ward,Meredith at Dartmouth 1/02/11 57-66 L 15-Fremeau,Whitn 8-Smith,Alex 4-Smith,Alex 6-Smith,Alex 1-Lepley,Amy at Massachusetts 01/05/11 50-75 L 13-Fremeau,Whitn 6-Fremeau,Whitn 4-Smith,Alex 3-Hamner,Kelly 1-Ganser,Christ Lepley,Amy Fremeau,Whitn at Lafayette 01/08/11 72-67 W 19-Fremeau,Whitn 6-Fremeau,Whitn 5-Smith,Alex 3-Lepley,Amy 1-Lepley,Amy May,Alyssa Fremeau,Whitn ARMY 01/13/11 47-50 L 15-Malone, Brisj 7-Fremeau,Whitn 5-Smith,Alex 2-Malone, Brisj 1-Ward,Meredith Lepley,Amy May,Alyssa May,Alyssa BUCKNELL 01/15/10 57-47 W 15-Fremeau,Whitn 9-Malone, Brisj 4-Smith,Alex 2-Lepley,Amy 1-Fremeau,Whitn Smith,Alex Ward,Meredith Cole,Kaitlin NAVY 01/19/11 39-53 L 12-Fremeau,Whitn 6-Lepley,Amy 3-May,Alyssa 1-Lepley,Amy None Malone, Brisj Fremeau,Whitn Smith,Alex May,Alyssa at American 01/22/11 53-84 L 12-Fremeau,Whitn 5-Lepley,Amy 3-Fremeau,Whitn 1-Ward,Meredith 2-Lepley,Amy Smith,Alex Lepley,Amy Malone, Brisj at Colgate 1/26/11 62-51 W 24-Fremeau,Whitn 10-Lepley,Amy 4-Malone, Brisj 5-May,Alyssa 1-May,Alyssa
2010-2011 Women's Basketball Holy Cross Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 05, 2011) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fremeau,Whitn Ward,Meredith LEHIGH 01/29/11 67-77 L 26-Fremeau,Whitn 9-Fremeau,Whitn 5-Malone, Brisj 1-Cole,Kaitlin 1-Fremeau,Whitn Ward,Meredith Ganser,Christ May,Alyssa Lepley,Amy Smith,Alex Ganser,Christ Fremeau,Whitn LAFAYETTE 02/05/11 83-46 W 20-Smith,Alex 11-Ganser,Christ 7-May,Alyssa 2-Lepley,Amy 2-Lepley,Amy May,Alyssa Malone, Brisj at Army 02/09/11 57-50 W 18-Smith,Alex 8-May,Alyssa 5-Smith,Alex 3-Smith,Alex 1-May,Alyssa Fremeau,Whitn at Bucknell 2/12/11 52-68 L 21-Fremeau,Whitn 3-Ganser,Christ 3-May,Alyssa 3-Fremeau,Whitn 1-Hamner,Kelly Malone, Brisj Smith,Alex Fremeau,Whitn at Navy 02/16/11 68-73 OL 22-Lepley,Amy 6-Fremeau,Whitn 5-Smith,Alex 5-May,Alyssa None Malone, Brisj AMERICAN 02/19/11 62-73 L 16-Smith,Alex 7-May,Alyssa 7-Fremeau,Whitn 2-May,Alyssa None Smith,Alex COLGATE 02/23/11 74-59 W 16-Malone, Brisj 9-Lepley,Amy 7-Smith,Alex 2-May,Alyssa None Fremeau,Whitn at Lehigh 2/26/11 55-83 L 15-Fremeau,Whitn 6-Ganser,Christ 3-Lepley,Amy 4-Smith,Alex 1-Malone, Brisj Lepley,Amy Malone, Brisj Cole,Kaitlin Smith,Alex at American 03/05/11 44-72 L 13-Fremeau,Whitn 4-Malone, Brisj 3-May,Alyssa 1-May,Alyssa 1-Lepley,Amy Fremeau,Whitn Smith,Alex Malone, Brisj