Holy Cross Athletic Facility Request Form

Please fill out to the best of your knowledge all aspects of the event you would like to host here at the College of the Holy Cross. Please note that this is not a contract. Completing this form does not guarantee the facility rental for the event. Once the form is received and reviewed you will be contacted by a member of the Holy Cross Athletic Events Staff.

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Name of Organization
Point of Contact Name
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Name of Event
Type of Event
Description of Event
Facilities Requested
Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field (Baseball)
Fitton Field (Football)
Freshman Field (Softball)
Freshman Field (Grass)
Hart Astro Turf & Track
Kuzniewski Field (Synthetic Turf)
Linda Johnson Smith Soccer Stadium
Sinnott Family Tennis Facility
Hart Center Rowing Tanks
Hart Center Rink
Hart Center Basketball Arena
Hart Center Pool
Field House
Other (Please specify in space below)
Other (Please specify in space below)
Date(s) Requested
Facility Start Time (Access needed for set-up)
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Facility End Time (Access time needed for breakdown and cleanup)
Alternate Dates Requested (if first option is unavailable)
Equipment Needs (Check all that apply) (Please note these items may not be available for your event)
Press Box Access
Locker Rooms
Public Address
Sound System
Goals (Field Hockey)
Goals (Lacrosse)
Goals (Soccer)
Facility Needs
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Spectators
Are you bringing/renting equipment? (If yes, please include all equipment and companies used)
Transportation used for participants
Charter Bus
Are you planning to charge an admission fee?
What age groups will be using the facility?
Will your event be catered?
If yes, who do you plan on catering the event?
When will the caterer arrive? (Date & Time)
What event support options are needed?
Athletic Trainer ($40/hr)
Student Staff
Other Staff
Additional Comments/Questions